From Playing “Modern Warfare 2” to Making 3D Models Professionally

Favelas: Behind the Render In this special edition of “Behind the Render,” we’re joined by Joseph Sylvester, the artist responsible for all the 3D modeling in our latest asset...

#KB3DContest Winner Turns Childhood Fantasies Into Reality

3D Artist Michaela Maria Wartbichler recreates the Golden Age of Pirates with KitBash3D’s new “Treasure Island” asset kit.

'Magic: The Gathering' Concept Artist Creates a World of Vikings

"Magic: The Gathering" Senior Concept Artist creates Viking illustrations with our new “Valhalla” 3D asset kit.

City Streets: Behind The Render

3D artist Mike Golden, also known as Droquis, shares his process creating the cover art for our City Streets asset kit.

Lunar Base: Behind the Render

To demonstrate this new kit in action, we called on Blizzard Entertainment (World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Diablo series) Senior Digimatte Artist Evan Butler.

Colonial: Behind the Cover Art

If you look at the epic 3D worlds Oliver Beck has built so far, we think you’ll agree he more than deserves a shoutout.

Arch Vogue: Behind the Cover Art

Olubunmi John walks us through his process of creating the cover art for our latest kit.

Our Neo Dubai 4.0 Kit is Available Now!

Behind the Neo Dubai cover with illustrator Jake Williams...

Our Brooklyn 4.0 Kit is Available Now!

Pablo Dominguez shares his process creating the cover art for Brooklyn, our newest 4.0 kit!

A Kingdom Above the Clouds: Behind the Shangri-La Cover Art

ILM concept artist Pablo Carpio takes us through his Shangri-La cover and breaks down his process.