Change the Game with Unreal & Unity native files!

Kits 4.0 is here w/ native Unreal, Unity and Houdini files PLUS massive upgrades to our existing software support!

Announcing KitBash3D's Game Day at LightBox Expo 2020

To celebrate our Kits 4.0 launch we've teamed up with LightBox Expo and Twitch to bring you a wholly new virtual festival!

Horsing Around With Spaceships

Art Director/Designer Jan Schönwiesner in true KitBashing fashion turns our Spaceships kit into a horse...

Star Wars Art Director Goes Full Bob Ross

Don't miss this episode where The Force Awakens Art Director Nick Hiatt pays tribute to Bob Ross... we mean, really pays tribute.

A Kingdom Above the Clouds: Behind the Shangri-La Cover Art

ILM concept artist Pablo Carpio takes us through his Shangri-La cover and breaks down his process.

Steven Cormann: From Rocker to ILM Matte Painter

1 Wacom tablet + 16hour days + 1 year = Professional Digital Matte Painter

KitBashing with The Matrix 4 Conceptual Artist Emmanuel Shiu

Emmanuel Shiu bashes together 5 kits and dives into his process on this episode of the KitBash3d Festival. 

Level Up Your Skills with Alex Alvarez

The founder of the Gnomon and The Gnomon Workshop shares his story with us in this episode of the KitBash3D Festival.

Warzone In The Last of Us Part II: Concept Art From Danar Worya

Check out how Danar uses Warzone in an iconic scene of the game

Ash Thorp: The Enigmatic Jack of all Trades

Dive inside the mind and process of Director/Designer/Illustrator Ash Thorp in this KitBash3d Festival episode...