Mini Kit: Cyberpunk

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Check out our newest Mini Kit: Cyberpunk! This kit contains select pieces from our Brutalist, Future Slums, Neo Tokyo & Neo Shanghai kits and is completely free for Single User Licenses for a limited time only. This mini kit was used in the Cyberpunk #kb3dcontest, sponsored by OctaneRender®. You can check out the full list of winners, finalists and prizes here

Offer ends November 24, 2019.

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If you are a freelance artist for hire, or a hobbyist, or a student, and not staffed at a studio, this license is for you. Studio projects of any kind are not covered under this license nor can kits with this license be stored on a company server.

Small Studio License

This license is for studios with 7 or less 3D artists on staff in total. Once you purchase a KB3D kit it is yours in perpetuity to use on as many projects as you like. Therefore, our licenses are based upon how many 3D artists in total work for your studio or will have access to your company server where the kits may live.

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If you have more than 7 total 3D artists please request a quote from our Enterprise team today and they will set you up with our premium services

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