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To enter, post your artwork using the full or sample Warzone kit in our Facebook group or on Instagram with the hashtag: #kb3dcontest.

 Contest Entry Deadline: Sept. 14th, 2018

Winner will receive 3 KB3D Kits of their choice! 
Top 9 finalists will each receive a free kit!

Q: What is KitBash3d?

A: KitBash3d is an online store that sells 3d model kits for artists to use to create digital environments. Rather than providing a finished 3d environment, we provide a collection of pieces for you to use to create custom worlds, like a digital lego set!

Q: Why KitBash3d? Won’t every image look the same?

A: Take a look at our gallery! It’s incredible how many possibilities there are from a single kit. These are building blocks for you to use, but how you put them together, how you compose your shot, how you light it, and how you paint it really define the unique image your creating.

Q: What software can I use your kits with?

A: Our kits are software agnostic. Any software that can load an .FBX file can use our kits! Within our community, people are using kits in Maya, 3d Studio Max, Blender, C4d, Modo etc.

Q: Are the kits uved? Do they come with Textures?

A: All of our models are UVed and setup for tileable textures. Every kit comes with textures!

Q: Can I use these kits in a game engine like Unreal or Unity?

A: You can load our kits into Unreal and Unity (with the .FBX file) but the poly count may be too high for real time rendering. The kits may require a bit of work to down res if you’re looking to use them for in-game graphics, but it’s definitely doable!

Q: I just made a purchase, where is my download link?!

A: When you make a purchase you will receive 2 emails. One will be an order confirmation with a PDF of your invoice. The second will come from KitBash3d notifications@fetchapp.com

Q: Where is my sample kit?

A: If you have just joined our newsletter, you will automatically receive our welcome email with a link to the sample kit. If you do not see this email in your inbox right away, it is most likely stuck in an updates tab, promotions tab, spam or junk folder.

Q: Why am I not getting all the promotional emails?

A: To ensure that you receive all of our future emails, add info@kitbash3d.com to your Address Book. Most email clients provide a safe sender or whitelist option for trusted contacts in the address book, so you can also add info@kitbash3d.com to either or both of these lists to ensure our emails bypass filters and reach your inbox.

Q: I posted my artwork on social media and hashtagged kb3d or kb3dcontest, why haven’t you reposted it?

A: We have so many entries that we schedule them days, sometimes weeks in advance! We cannot guarantee that we will repost yours, but the more hashtags and awareness you draw to your post, the more likely we will be to repost it!

Q: Can I use these kits for client projects or commercial work?

A: When you purchase a kit, you are purchasing a single user commercial license to use in your professional work.

Q: I have a team of artists, what is your pricing system?

A: We have 3 tiers of licenses. Freelance License for a single user, Small Studio License for a studio with 10 or less artists, and Big Studio License for a studio with 25 or less artists. 

Q: What if my studio has more than 25 artists?

A: Please send us an email at info@kitbash3d.com and we will work out a custom license deal.