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(OTOY Special Edition) Neo Shanghai

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KitBash3D has partnered with OTOY to bring you this special edition of Neo Shanghai. Every month, paid OctaneRender® subscribers can redeem a new kit from our store for FREE using the coupon they received on OTOY's portal. This offer is incompatible with any other kit outside of this promotion and cannot be exchanged or sold. 

How to redeem: Add the product to your cart and enter your unique coupon code when prompted during check-out. If you wish to purchase this kit without a coupon code, visit the original Neo Shanghai page.

Create future mega-cities with distinct cyberpunk aesthetics or Asiatic influences. Use this kit's small, medium or large city blocks, towers, and massive structures to create colossal metropolises that will dwarf modern-day Shanghai!

Designed by Sebastian Luca, modeled by Nedim Šećeragić, and texturing by Alexey HrDesign, with cover art by Jaime Jasso.

Please note: Neo Shanghai Proceed with creativity! You are about to purchase a 3D asset kit that includes elements to set the scene as you build your world, whether it’s for video games, film, television, design, or art. These completely customizable assets will serve as the building blocks to help you create original environments with OctaneRender in Maya, 3Ds Max, Cinema4d, or use FBX/OBJ in Octane Standalone. With a license, you can download this kit in multiple file formats; all you need to do is create a free account. Inside this kit you will find:

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