Watch Ben Mauro's Live Unreal Engine Demo at GameDay

Watch Ben Mauro's Live Unreal Engine Demo at GameDay

Halo Infinite concept artist brings his graphic novel into Unreal Engine

We’re so grateful for the experience, tips, and insights Ben Mauro shared with us on GameDay, as well as the time spent diving into Unreal Engine with our Wasteland 3D asset kit!

For those who aren’t familiar, Ben Mauro has been a Senior Concept Designer and Art Director in the entertainment industry for the past 12+ years, working on AAA game franchises like Call of Duty and Halo and blockbuster films like The Hobbit, Elysium, and Valerian, among many others. He is also the author of upcoming graphic novel HUXLEY™, which inspired the world he created in UE4. If you’re curious about that, he debuted the teaser trailer during the livestream!

If you want more, Ben Mauro shared a deeper dive into his new world on his channel. You can check that video out here.

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About Ben Mauro

Ben Mauro

Ben Mauro is a Senior Concept Designer in the entertainment industry (and happens to be the cover artist for our Sci-Fi Industrial kit – check out the behind-the-scenes for that here). You can learn more about Ben Mauro over at his website, or follow him on Instagram, Twitter, ArtStation, and Youtube.

About GameDay

Game Day
GameDay is a video series from KitBash3D featuring world-building demos and interviews with artists from projects like THE LAST OF US PART II, HALO, STAR WARS, AVATAR and many more. GameDay is hosted by KitBash3D founders Maxx & Banks and originally aired live in partnership with LightBox Expo.

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