KitBash3D for Teams

Access the entertainment industry's gold standard asset solution with Cargo® Teams. Save your team countless hours and deliver your projects on-time and on-budget.

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Every Model & Material

10,000+ premium assets. 1-Click Import. Consistent across the library. No Points. No Tokens. Get what you need, when you need it.

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Integrated Into Your Pipeline

Native integrations for your Team’s 3D Software packages. Share the same assets across the pipeline - from concept to render.

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Safe & Protected Licensing

Every asset is designed in-house and passes our copyright clearance process. Full commercial rights to use the KitBash3D Library on any of your projects.

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Easy Team Management & Billing

Hassle-free team management. Add users, assign roles, and more. A library that scales with your team and projects. Cancel anytime.

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The Most Trusted Asset Solution


“KitBash3D has set the industry gold standard for quality assets. The Library enabled us to create stunningly realistic worlds in The Last of Us Part II.”

Danar Worya

Concept Artist, The Last of Us Part II


“If we had to build all of Manhattan from scratch for ‘Doctor Strange,’ we never would’ve finished in time. We save a lot of time with KitBash3D.”

Oded Raz

Head of 3D, Luma Pictures


“With KitBash3D, you know what you’re getting. You know it will be clean and ready to use as soon as you download it. We know that we can rely on KitBash3D every single time.”

Fausto Tejeda

VFX Supervisor, Pixomondo


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Try the Help Center.

How does Cargo Teams licensing work?

Your users gain a royalty-free license to use ALL of our assets in any of your projects as long as you are subscribed. If you cancel your Cargo subscription, you will lose access to the assets in Cargo, but you will retain the rights to any work you create during your subscription. Your work is your work and you are free to use the content created during your subscription however you would like.

How many assets do we get access to?

Cargo manages the entire KitBash3D Library. That’s over 10,000 premium 3D assets and counting. Every month we release new World Kits and Cargo Exclusives that are all included in your Cargo Pro subscription.

We're a small studio, can we start with just one seat?

Absolutely! Cargo Teams is flexible for studios of any size. You can kick off with just a single seat, giving you access to our extensive library without the need for a large initial investment. Perfect for small projects or individual artists within larger organizations. Remember, Cargo Pro licenses are for individuals only, so studios need to opt for Cargo Teams. Unsure where you fit? Reach out to us at to get started.

Our artists work at more than one workstation. Will they need more than one seat?

No. Whether it is hybrid work schedules or flexible workstations in the office, we know the workflows of studios and understand not everyone has a dedicated station. A single user can use Cargo on up to 3 workstations. Users may only be signed in on one machine at a time.

Can our contractors use it?

You bet! As an Account Admin you can invite other team members/contractors to your Cargo Team and manage their accounts from the Teams tab of the Account page in Cargo.

What happens to the Kits we already have purchased?

You will own those Kits forever. Cargo Teams gives you access to much more, but if you decide to cancel you will still have licenses to the Kits you purchased before from our website:

Can we pay by PO?

We have many purchasing options available. Reach out to our Studio Success Team for details!

Can Cargo sync up with our internal asset manager?

Cargo is intended to be used as the asset browser for KitBash3D assets. At this time we do not support integrations with other asset managers but reach out to if this is something you are interested in being notified for in the future.