Cargo by KitBash3D
Premium 3D Assets

Cargo by KitBash3D

15,000+ Premium 3D Assets, with 1-Click Import to your 3D scene. Build your world faster than ever before.

CyberPunk Vehicles Kit Image
New Cargo Exclusive

CyberPunk Vehicles

Wreckage by KitBash3D
New Battlefields Kit

Wreckage by KitBash3D

Immerse yourself in the chaos and desolation of Wreckage, a 3D asset Kit designed to bring post-apocalyptic environments to life.

Works in Every Software

Unreal Engine
3ds Max
Cinema 4D

What the Pros say


“If we had to build all of Manhattan from scratch for ‘Doctor Strange,’ we never would’ve finished in time. We save a lot of time with KitBash3D.”

Oded Raz

Head of 3D, Luma Pictures


"I love what KitBash3D has built. Amazing collection, gorgeous aesthetic, and such a genius way to incorporate the old-school kitbash mentality into a digital world."

JJ Abrams



“The tools you use are extremely influential in how your work will turn out and KB3D has been a huge piece of that for me – you could go through my work forever to see how many Kits I’ve used.”

Mike “Beeple” Winkleman

NFT Artist, Beeple Studios

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