Every City Cover

Every City Cover

We were so pleased to have Victor Bonafonte (co-owner of Beauty and The Bit) create the cover art image for Every City. We have been fans of his work for quite some time and were thrilled that we could come together and collaborate for this stunning image. Even though Every City is very much a utility pack, one meant to literally fill in the architectural building gaps in any modern city on the planet, Victor still managed to create a compelling narrative in his image, while still maintaining the integrity of the kit and its structures. (maybe add some more technical things here?)

Victor founded B&TB in a room at home years ago. From that moment the company has evolved towards what it is today. He prefers to gather inspiration from cinema, painting, traditional photography, video games and concept art instead of architectural visualization. He positively hates the word “render” and while he's not taking care of business, he enjoys playing his collection of guitars. 

You can poke around his PSD and get a feel for his work flow here: DOWNLOAD PSD

And check out Victor on KitBash3d Live:



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