Five Fantasy 3D Asset Packs for Your Fictional Realms

Five Fantasy 3D Asset Packs for Your Fictional Realms

Build Magical Worlds with these Fantasy 3D Models

If you want to make art that invokes the fantasies of Eastern myth, create science fantasy worlds, or bring imaginative villages to life, there is a kit for you! Rather than searching through thousands of assets to piece scenes together (or spending countless hours making the models yourself), our premium 3D asset kits give you everything you need to build your world in a cohesive style.

Kitbashing is an old school special effects term that means to take multiple models and combine them into something wholly your own. Our kits are built modularly to become the building blocks of your creativity. You can mix and match the different pieces together: take a spire from one castle, add it to another, take off the doors, swap in more windows, the possibilities are endless and evoke your childhood sense of play. 

Take a look below for five fantastical 3D model packs that you can start incorporating into your fictional realms today. 

1. Elysium

Elysium 3d asset kit

Whether you're imagining the pearly gates of the afterlife or exploring the royal city of a high society of elves, this 3D asset kit's opulent construction is sure to inspire awe. With beautiful ornate patterns, angelic sculptures, gold and marble finishes, emerald gemstones, and jaw-dropping architecture, you can use these 3D models to build mythical castles embedded in the mountainside or a citadel in the sky with levitating courtyards powered by magic. Click here to shop now!

2. Dark Fantasy

dark fantasy 3d asset kit

Create the twisted realms and dark kingdoms that have haunted our imaginations for a millennium. Use this kit’s shadowy castles, grim spires, chiseled gargoyles, magnificent edifices, plethora of doors, mysterious fountains and so much more to build the environments for your dragons, witches, knights, and other magical fantasies to spring to life! Click here to shop now!

3. Treasure Island

treasure island 3d asset kit

Conquer the Seven Seas and make port in a pirate's paradise with exquisitely detailed wharfs, saloons, markets, battlements, churches, and Spanish-style manors. With its majestic ship that's sure to shiver the timbers of all those who look upon it, this 3D asset kit is perfect for any creator looking to relive the Golden Age of Pirates. Click here to shop now!

4. Gaea

gaea 3d asset kit

Envision a civilization of peace and learning or an ancient stronghold of battle with Gaea's many great halls. This 3D asset kit combines natural materials and complex geometry with both Eastern and Western architectural influences. Fill your fantasy realms with beautiful cultural centers, banquet halls, intricate yurts, grand courts, and more – complete with artisan-crafted tables, decorative weavings, and earthenware vessels suitable for any learned kingdom or academic society. Click here to shop now!

5. Medieval Market

medieval market 3d asset kit

Bring all your fantasies and medieval worlds to life with this kit’s tents, barrels, wagons, arches, weapons, utensils, tables, jugs, crates, baskets, ladders, canvases, cloths, loaves of bread, dead fish and so much more! The larger pieces also have detailed interiors to embolden your merchant camps, witch enclaves, knights’ quarters, trade encampments, goblin lairs and the rest of your fantastical worlds! Click here to shop now!

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