Check Out These Five Premium 3D City Asset Packs

Check Out These Five Premium 3D City Asset Packs

Build Your Worlds with these ‘City’ 3D Models

Whether you're recreating New York City, Vancouver, Los Angeles, or building a new city altogether, every metropolis needs skyscrapers, city towers, and blocks of buildings. Rather than searching through thousands of assets to piece scenes together (or spending countless hours making the models yourself), our premium 3D asset kits give you everything you need to build your world in a cohesive style.

Kit bashing is an old school special effects term that means to take multiple models and combine them into something wholly your own. In that spirit, our kits are built modularly to become the building blocks of your creativity. You can mix and match the different pieces together: take a roof from one building, add it to another, take off the doors, swap in more windows, the possibilities are endless and evoke your sense of play. 

Take a look below for five stellar city-themed 3D model packs that you can start incorporating into your worlds today. 

1. Los Angeles

los angeles 3d asset pack

Bring big-city excitement to your projects with hip, historic districts full of iconic cultural attractions, shopping centers, and major-league sports venues. Inspired by America’s entertainment capital, this 3D asset kit's variety of modern and classic high-rises, convention centers, and municipal buildings can help you create your city of angels or any urban destination where dreams are made. Click here to shop now!

2. Brooklyn

brooklyn 3d asset pack

Create any modern Western city across the globe with this kit’s residential buildings, impressive skyscrapers, and highly detailed city blocks. With red brick structures, wide towers, apartment complexes, city corners, and so much more, you’ll be able to portray modern cities with realistic and familiar detail! Click here to shop now!

3. City Streets

city streets 3d asset pack

Bring some everyday life to your urban backdrops with readymade roadside vignettes – including construction zones, littered sidewalks, bus stops, and subway stations – making it even easier to quickly bring familiar details to your realistic city scenes. Every prop and set piece in this 3D asset kit is fully customizable, mid-poly, and 4K quality, from the traffic lights, kiosks, and fences, down to the food stands, shopping carts, and trash bins. Click here to shop now!

4. Storefronts

storefronts 3d asset pack

Add some personality to your 3D cities and towns with this huge supply of restaurants, showrooms, banks, grocers, boutiques, theaters, museums, and more. These street-level facades can range from high-end marble entryways to boarded-up windows with graffiti – and they can all be customized to your liking with different awnings, signage, decorative plants, and other common storefront props. Click here to shop now!

5. Arch Vogue

arch vogue 3d asset pack

Construct any modern or emerging metropolis with three distinct texture packs to choose from and a range of bold industrial forms. Whether you are envisioning a shopping center complete with clear glass cladding and wooden accents, building a pristine biotech campus with reflective cyan glass and brushed metal, or creating an imposing financial district with darkened glass panes and black steel, this dynamic kit will bring an innovative edge to all your contemporary or futuristic cities. Click here to shop now!

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