How CG Spectrum Created a Dune-inspired Commercial with KitBash3D Assets

How CG Spectrum Created a Dune-inspired Commercial with KitBash3D Assets

Frank Herbert's Dune has inspired generations of artists, writers, designers, and storytellers. The science fiction series is revered for its epic story set in a distant future amidst an interstellar society. CG Spectrum, the online education school, recently used KitBash3D's Outpost Kit to create a Dune-inspired commercial. Let's dive into how they made it happen. But first, here's their piece: 

Building a Dune-like World with 3D Assets

"We initially were going to just have a desert with no buildings, but it felt a bit lifeless. We added the buildings to give the background a sense of story and history. We don't tell the viewer what that story is, but you could imagine perhaps the worm is a huge monster that terrorizes these desert cities." - Daniel Hourigan, Manager of VFX at CG Spectrum (credits include Dark Fate, John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum, and Aquaman

"At first we narrowed down our asset selection and had to choose from four KitBash3D Kits: Steampunk, Ancients, Heavy Metal and Outpost. After looking at lots of references of different sci-fi desert movies and artwork, we chose the Outpost Kit as it seemed the best fit for the aesthetic we were trying to create." 

“The KitBash3D Kits we used in the commercial’s production were tremendously easy to use. Because the Kits we downloaded were already made for Unreal Engine 4, converting them over for Unreal Engine 5 (for use with Nanite) was easy peasy. Within 10 minutes we had everything I needed to start laying things out in the scene. The level of detail was perfect for the distance at which the models were in the scene, and I could spend more time building the art rather than focusing on the technical side.” - William Faucher, 3D Artist 


See the full breakdown including editing, concept art, lighting and more with this great deep-dive from CG Spectrum. Ready to let your imagination run wild and create your own Dune-inspired 3D world? Pick up our Outpost Kit today. 

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