KitBashing with DieselPunk and Unreal Engine 5

KitBashing with DieselPunk and Unreal Engine 5

Our new DieselPunk Kit is compatible with top 3D softwares like Blender, Cinema 4D, and Maya, but there are few things as satisfying as seeing the Kit rendered in real-time with Unreal Engine 5. With native file support, the setup is quick and easy. Take a look at what KitBash3D's Cinematic Artist Liosha Shyp created. 

"DieselPunk is loaded with detail. The Kits team put so much work into building the models, textures, and materials that it made for an endlessly fascinating opportunity to create a story. I imagined a megacity run by an oligarchic oil baron, where pumpjacks live alongside skyscrapers, and where every square inch is covered in residue." – Liosha Shyp, Cinematics Artist 


We hope these cinematics serve as inspiration for your own creations. For more information on how our Kits work with Unreal Engine 5, be sure to check out our “Guide to Using KitBash3D Kits with UE5” help article, where we cover loading a Kit into UE4 & UE5, tips for utilizing UE5’s Nanite, and more. And don't miss the opportunity to pick up DieselPunk for 50%—the offer ends on Tuesday, August 16! 

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