Watch Ian Hubert Transport Real People Into CG Worlds [Demo]

Watch Ian Hubert Transport Real People Into CG Worlds [Demo]

DIY Virtual Production Using Blender

In this episode of GameDay, we are joined by the talented (and hilarious) filmmaker, educator, and VFX artist Ian Hubert, whose indie filmmaking prowess has made him legendary in the Blender and visual effects communities. In this 50-minute demo, Ian shows us how you can combine live action and computer-generated elements by simply using Blender, a projector, and our Sci-Fi Industrial kit.

If you’ve seen his latest installment of DYNAMO, or watched any of his popular “Lazy Tutorials,” you’d know Ian is a master of creating quick, deceptively-real visual effects – which is partly why he’s obtained such widespread notoriety. Ian is inspiring to many filmmakers because he proves that you don’t have to make super-detailed, high-definition analogs to real life in order to achieve realism. Our eyes are often a lot more forgiving than we might think. 

In this episode Ian proves that once again by showing how indie filmmakers can mimic the virtual production techniques of shows like “The Mandalorian” – but instead of large sound stages with giant illuminated panels, he uses a projector and a blank wall to place his subject into a computer-generated world. In a sense, he’s combining new technological advancements with old-school rear projection, a technique that dates back to the 1930s.

the mandalorian - behind the scenes

Overall, the “virtual production” method of filming has the potential to open up a whole new realm of possibilities (beyond the capabilities of similar tools like the green screen). It can be used to achieve more realistic lighting for your scene, help actors stay in character by giving them something to react to, or just reduce the amount of time needed in post.

Whatever the case, you’re likely to hear more about virtual production as it’s embraced by upcoming films and TV shows – and we’re grateful to Ian Hubert for taking the time to make these new techniques more accessible to filmmakers everywhere.

About Ian Hubert

Ian Hubert

Ian Hubert is a longtime filmmaker and VFX artist. His professional work includes visual effects on “a bunch of music videos” and VFX supervisor on 2018’s Prospect, starring Pedro Pascal (Game of Thrones, The Mandalorian). He has also made “lots of weird films and webseries,” including Project London (2014), Tears of Steel (2012), and Dynamo (2012-present). 

You can follow Ian’s work on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, and support his creation of films, assets, and tutorials by becoming a member of his Patreon

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