Introducing Vehicles

Introducing Vehicles

We are thrilled to announce that our Props line is expanding: we've added Vehicles! We felt that Supercars and Drones were the perfect two kits to kick off our Vehicles collection, and both kits were designed and modeled by Igor Sobolevsky @igoq (check out his ArtStation here). The slick product shots and cover art were created by Mike Golden (Our Head of 3D @droquis), and highlight each of the kits infinite versatility. 

When we say infinite, we are not exaggerating. Mathematically speaking, if you were to calculate the number of combinations of different types of Supercars or Drones you could create from all the engines, fenders, doors, bodies, tires, etc. or all the rotors, gimbals, propellers, arms, legs, etc. -- you could go on creating forever! 

For this week only, you can buy Super sports cars and/or Drones for 50% Off. So take advantage and don't miss Vehicles Week 1, you have until 1-21-19 at 11:59 pm pst! 



Create exotic, luxurious and high-performance sports cars that turn heads and stop scenes all together. Assemble the endless combinations of fenders, bodies, tires, headlights, interiors, doors, bumpers, hoods and engines to create the four-wheeled hero of your high-speed heist or drag racing drama.


Whether you’re creating modern day warfare environments or futuristic worlds ruled by police states with crowded buzzing skies, this pack gives you all the bodies, rotors, propellers, gimbals, arms, and legs for you to mix, match, rearrange, and combine to create your ultimate army of drones! 

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