KitBash3D 5th Anniversary: Highlighting Multi-Kit Artwork

KitBash3D 5th Anniversary: Highlighting Multi-Kit Artwork

Our KitBash3D 5th Anniversary Sale is still going strong! From now until September 13th, you can bundle and save on any of the Kits on our site. Whether you're interested in a particular genre, or you want to mix and match, now's the time to get your 3D asset library fully stocked for new projects.

To celebrate this milestone, we also wanted to take the time to share some of our favorite multi-Kit works from members of our community. One of the most fun parts of KitBashing is taking multiple Kits and bashing them together to create something wholly your own. You'll see this concept at play in the works below, as each piece of art uses multiple Kits to reflect the unique vision and style of each artist.

The KB3D Community is at the core of everything we do. Watching your artistry improve, your ambitions expand, and your enthusiasm for creativity is what inspires us to do this everyday. We hope that these artists' work inspire you to challenge yourself to see what new kind of worlds you will create next!

If you want to see more, you can follow us on Instagram where we frequently share artists' work. For a chance to be featured, use our hashtag: #kitbash3d, or tag us @kitbash3d. 

Artist: Gavin Sew • Kits: Colonial, Steampunk

Artist: Evgeny Kazantsev  Kits: Sci-Fi Industrial, Neo Shanghai, Utopia

Artist: Hylemorph • Kits: DMZ, Favelas, Wasteland

Artist: Michael Khoo • Kits: Arch Vogue, Neo Dubai, Neo Shanghai, Sci-Fi Industrial

Artist: Ksenia Beloshevskaia  Kits: Art Nouveau, Gothic (Legacy Kit), Victorian

Artist: Milan Dey  Kits: Brooklyn, Storefronts

Artist: Sam Denmark  Kits: Aftermath, Outpost

Artist: Mitchell Stuart • Kits: Sci-Fi Industrial, Utopia, Neo Tokyo

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