Here are the KitBash3D Staff Artwork Picks for 2021

Here are the KitBash3D Staff Artwork Picks for 2021

What an amazing year! We hit some major milestones in 2021, all thanks to the support of our incredible fans. Our kits team put out 13 spectacular new kits, each bringing some new flair to the KitBash collection. Among the many additions, fans of fantasy can now tell tales with Treasure Island, sci-fi fans can make space operas with Outpost, and indie filmmakers can set the scene with Los Angeles.

This year was also full of amazing artworks by the KitBash3D community - so much so that we'd need another full year to properly appreciate them! To give you a taste, here are just a few excellent pieces that stood out to our team. What are some of your favorite pieces from 2021? Head over to our Instagram to let us know!

"Shanty Stack" by Arnaud Imobersteg"Shanty Stack" by Arnaud Imobersteg

"Untitled" by Erik Halsey"Untitled" by Erik Halsey

"Soviet blocks" by SkieGraphicStudio

"Kiss on the bridge" by Dangiuz

If you like these, be sure to follow us on Instagram where we'll be sharing a whole lot more throughout the new year! Want a chance for your art to be featured? Be sure to tag us on social media or use #KitBash3D!

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