What’s Possible with Neo San Francisco 3D Assets from KitBash3D?

What’s Possible with Neo San Francisco 3D Assets from KitBash3D?

To celebrate the launch of our newest Kit, Neo San Francisco, we wanted to do something a little bit different. If you follow our Instagram page, you’ll know that we love sharing the amazing ways digital artists around the world use our Kits, so what better way to inspire other creators for launch week than by giving some outstanding artists a chance to show off!


But first, let’s focus on Irena Smitakova, the cover artist for our new Kit! Irena has experience creating concept art, digital matte paintings, and CG environment art for the entertainment industry and is currently a Lead Environment Artist at Goodbye Kansas Studios in Stockholm. She also happens to be a longtime member of the KitBash community – from the earliest days when we were operating out of a garage! Since then, she has had the chance to work with incredible talent from MPC, Framestore, Scanline VFX, and Milk VFX on projects such as Star Wars: Andor, The Lion King, Call of the Wild, Artemis Fowl, Rebecca, Downton Abbey: New Era, and many more. It’s been a thrill to see her evolve over the years and we couldn’t be more ecstatic with her vision of Neo San Francisco! Take a look:

Along with Irena, we asked 12 other creators to show us what they could make using the same Neo San Francisco 3D assets, and the results totally blew us away! Each artist brought their unique skill sets, tastes, and styles to their work, demonstrating the versatility that kitbashing can have. Take a look below to see what we mean! 

TITLE: "Welcome to the city of dreams"

TITLE: "Dopamine"

ARTIST: Jonathan Gutierrez
TITLE: "Neo Philosopher" / "Our city, our future" / "Follow the Light"

ARTIST: Josh Brockett
TITLE: "New SanFran"

ARTIST: Nahaq (Littledaylight_)

ARTIST: rabbit.hole_renders
TITLE: "Neo path"

ARTIST: Ryan J. Silva
TITLE: "Meet you at the Top"

ARTIST: Sarper Baran
TITLE: "Ocean Pass"

ARTIST: SkieGraphicStudio
TITLE: "Constant Delay"

ARTIST: Space Meerkat
TITLE: "Best friend"

ARTIST: The Hyphn
TITLE: "Monolith"

Inspired by what you’ve seen? Order ‘Neo San Francisco’ before Wednesday, July 27th, at 8:59 AM PT to get 50% off your purchase! If you want a chance to be featured like the artists above, be sure to tag us and share your work with our Kits using #KitBash3D! Happy KitBashing!

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