The “Neon Nights” KB3D GameDay Contest Winners!

The “Neon Nights” KB3D GameDay Contest Winners!

We kicked off “Neon Nights” Kitbash3D GameDay Contest with a “BANG” back in September when we introduced some of the judges including David Levy (Avatar), Karla Ortiz (Black Panther), Patrick O'Keefe (Into The Spider-Verse), Andy Park (Marvel Cinematic Universe), Ben Mauro (Halo Infinite), and Emmanuel Shiu (Matrix 4) during our GAMEDAY stream for Lightbox Expo Online. After that, you all took our Neo City mini kit and really made it your own. 

And the winners are (drumroll, please)...

The Concept Winners

1st Place: Ruggero Tomasino

Congratulations to Ruggero (aka Szorubs) for taking home first place in the Concept category! We love this piece - the cinematic rainy composition, grungy set design, and scavenging robots immediately transport you to another world. No wonder it was a judge favorite! We invite you to see his other work and congratulate him over at his Instagram.


2nd Place: ZooWe Chen

2nd place in the Concept category goes to ZooWe Chen! This piece is packed with detail, rendered beautifully, and the moon provides a perfect focal point. Congratulations, on the well deserved win! Be sure to check out ZooWe’s Artstation to congratulate him and see more of his work!


3rd Place: Aditya Vora

You can color us impressed with this piece. Congratulations to Aditya (aka Vorahavora) for winning 3rd place in the Concept category! The vivid hues match the "Neon Nights" theme perfectly and the robot dogs are a great touch. Visit Aditya’s Instagram to congratulate him and see more of his work!


The In-Motion Winners

1st Place: The Opposition Party

Coming in at first place for the In-Motion category is The Opposition Party! Their "ANGELS II" piece is cinematic, brooding, and groovy. If we didn't know any better, we'd think it's an official trailer! Congratulations and terrific job! After watching this winning entry, be sure to check out The Opposition Party’s Instagram for more!


2nd Place: Indrajeet Sisodiya

Congratulations to Indrajeet Sisodiya for taking home second place in the In-Motion category! This entry is so good it's Unreal (see what we did there?). But seriously, "Neon Sins" is super immersive, and the flyover of the cars looks so realistic! For more eye candy, check out Indrajeet’s Instagram and Artstation, and don’t forget to send him some love!


3rd Place: Ryan Wai Kin Lam

In 3rd place for the In-Motion category is this gem from Ryan (aka Waikin 182). Congratulations on a job well done! We'd love to see a full music video in this style – it's so fun to watch! For more of his work, you can visit Ryan’s Instagram and Artstation. Be sure to send him some love!


And the Finalists

Congratulations to all the winners and finalists! We hope to see you all again for future KB3D contests. And, to everyone who entered, thank you so much for taking the time to share your talent with us!



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