Unity Exec Joins KitBash3D as New Chief Marketing Officer

Unity Exec Joins KitBash3D as New Chief Marketing Officer

The KitBash3D Team is terrifically excited to welcome aboard Dorian Kendal, former Vice President of Growth & Marketing at Unity Technologies, as KitBash3D’s new Chief Marketing Officer. With a wealth of knowledge and experience that will undoubtedly help KitBash3D better serve studios and independent 3D artists alike, Dorian is keen on furthering the company mission of enabling and inspiring all creators of the virtual frontier.

“Having run the Unity Asset store and launched their subscription service, Dorian brings an incredibly unique set of skills and experience to our leadership team but far more importantly he believes, just as we do, in being a mission first organization dedicated to serving the creative community.” — Banks, Co-Founder, KitBash3D

Dorian echoes the sentiment, adding, “When I started with Unity in 2016, I did so because I loved their vision of democratizing development and leveling the playing field between solo creators and huge studios. Now, almost 6 years later, I see the same in KitBash3D.”

Dorian Kendal played a critical role in the growth of Unity, transforming their flagship software into a subscription service while also providing best-in-class onboarding, opening up emerging alternative Android marketplaces, and expanding accessibility to creators, both large and small. During his tenure, Unity grew from a $1.5 billion company to a publicly-traded powerhouse valued at over $30 billion.

“Dorian's is one of the best marketing minds in our space – his track record of building world-class teams and successfully launching new products will play a pivotal role as we continue to scale our team and product offerings.” — Maxx, Co-Founder, KitBash3D

For Dorian, nothing encapsulates his excitement for the future more than this KitBash3D video:

“KitBash3D's mission-driven approach that is rooted in the enablement of all creators, and not only those with considerable financial means, is why I've decided to join, and why I am so very passionate about the company's future and its place in the virtual frontier."

About KitBash3D

KitBash3D is a company and community that celebrates taking risks and being on the cutting edge of technology and digital media. Our premium 3D assets cover everything from ancient temples to futuristic utopias that artists use to bring their imaginary worlds to life. Our customers include the largest studios (Disney, Marvel, HBO, Ubisoft, EA, 2K) as well as thousands of independent artists and hobbyists in more than 150 countries.

We are on a mission to enable and inspire the creators of the virtual frontier and we’re looking for amazing people to join us on this journey.

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