Watch this episode to learn about the foundations of shape language, how to sketch any creature in the entire animal kingdom, and even take home the secret lightning-fire-smoke-water sketching tricks of the trade...

The guest of this week's episode of the KitBash3d Festival, Peter Han, graduated as an illustration student from the Art Center College of Design at the end of 2004 and has been working professionally for the last 10 years in the entertainment industry as a concept artist and teacher at schools like ArtCenter and Brainstorm. 

Usually I say something like "if you don't have time to watch this 30+ minute episode blah-blah-blah", but for this episode in particular, you will want to grab a sketch pad and follow along. You will not glean all of this incredible information by just watching the quick cuts below. These quick cuts below are meant to tease you. And tease you they will...

A live piece Peter completed in 2 hours. The traveler uses the seed gem to save the mother tree who is decaying away. 

One of Peter's many sketches from his ubiquitous sketchbook, made in a single night while surrounded by a group of friends. 

Peter Han is one of the rare talents who can simultaneously sketch a masterpiece and deliver a masterclass. Not only does he always have a sketchpad in his hands, but he is also approachable and willing to share his deep knowledge of drawing with anyone who asks. 


Every artist, no matter the discipline, needs to have an understanding of the foundations of shape language.


Want to draw a giraffe? How about an ant? A Crocodile? Gerenuk?! Peter's got you covered.  

Check out Peter's incredible Instagram or his shop to purchase the sketchbooks he uses to teach all of his courses, as well as merchandise from his original comic book, The Blacksmith. 

One of Peter's older #TheBlacksmith pieces he did live, which was auctioned away on Ebay.


From the horn tribe, a lone hunter searches for a kill to bring back to the clan. Done on the iPad Pro with Procreate.

Chris Gouchoe 

KB3D Director of Digital Marketing & Customer Experience