Sculpting in VR

Watch Finn sculpt a Halo-inspired concept in under 50 mins with Utopia

If you don't have time to watch this 50 minute episode of the 2018 KitBash3d Festival (50 minutes is a lot of time to dedicate to being on the cutting edge of a new design tool, we get it ;-) ) you can check out the quick synopsis of the episode below: 

When you look at 24-year-old concept artist Finnian Macmanus's résumé, it takes you a moment to readjust your eyes to the list of the credits next to his years of experience (Avatar 2The Lion KingRogue One: A Star Wars Story to name a few). But once you've blinked a few times and listened to him speak about his process, it all starts to make sense. In this episode you will learn about how VR has allowed Finnian to work with lightning-quick speed, save time with his scene block outs, and create deliberately during every stage of his design.

Finn used Occulus Medium's touch controllers and the mirror tool with the Utopia kit


"VR is one of the most helpful tools for our generation... we are at the start of a new era of design."

As a student learning from John Park (Brainstorm Co-Founder), Finnian was once tasked with completing 50 paintings in one week. The monumental assignment ingrained in him the necessity to solve problems early in the block out to save huge amounts of time near completion. VR is the perfect tool for that artistic philosophy. 

And Finn is not the prototypical VR-hype-enthusiast who swears that VR is the second-coming, but has only been to Dreamscape for their cousin's birthday party (sidenote: Dreamscape, Spielberg's new location-based VR spot is super rad, you should go there for non-genetically-obligated reasons). He actually uses it-- to ideate, draw, and sketch concepts on all his jobs, whether they're architectural, character, or creature designs. For Finn, the most valuable aspect of concepting in VR is that you can think both as the designer and also a member of the audience, creative director or production designer who will be viewing the work you are creating. You are no longer restricted by the screen; you are within the world you are creating. And isn't that the reason why we all became artists in the first place, to lose ourselves in other worlds? 

"I feel like I'm back in my childhood sculpting with Lego kits, but I can do it at a much faster rate than I could as a kid."

SO WATCH FINNIAN DIVE IN with his touch controllers and stamp-warp-bend Utopia to create a Halo-inspired concept in Oculus Medium. You will see how VR is changing the concept art design process and learn about how easy it is for you to start using this new tool only a couple hours after picking it up for the first time. 

Finnian's recent work includes Solo: A Star Wars Story, Transformers: The Last Knight, Pacific Rim Uprising & Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


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