Become a KitBash3d Ambassador!

We hope that everyone is staying safe and if they have the bandwidth for it, inspired during these uncertain times. At KitBash3d, our mission to enable and inspire the creators of worlds for art, movies and video games has never been more clear. We are continuously shocked and our expectations upended whenever we call upon our incredible community to do what they do best: create. One of the challenges the KitBash3d team faces along the journey, however, is juggling the variety of software that artists are using to build these worlds, because we are far from experts in all of them.

To help tackle this challenge, we've created the KitBash3d Ambassador program and are now accepting applications to find our Ambassadors! If you think that you are an expert with a variety of knowledge in the software or render engine that you use to kitbash, keep reading!

As a KitBash3d Ambassador, you will:

  • Work with the Product Team to improve how kits natively work in your designated software or render engine, identifying bugs and suggesting improvements.

  • Work with the Customer Experience team to help members of the KitBash3d community use and troubleshoot kits in your designated software or render engine.

  • Work with the Content Team to create getting started articles / video tutorials for using KitBash3d in your designated software or render engine.

As a KitBash3d Ambassador, you will receive: 

  • 3 kits of your choice upon joining
  • Every new kit that comes out during your tenure
  • 3 kits at the end of every quarter during your tenure
  • Spotlight features on the Blog/Newsletter/Social after at least 2 quarters with us
  • Early access to new KitBash3d tools / updates after at least 2 quarters with us

    At this time, we're currently looking for software experts in (6 total): 

    • Maya

    • 3ds Max

    • C4D

    • Blender

    • Unreal

    As well as experts in render engines (3 or 4 total): 

    • V-ray

    • Redshift

    • Octane

    • All-around PBR expert

    If you're an expert in one of these softwares, and interested in becoming a KitBash3d Ambassador, please carefully read the Application Instructions below! 

      Application Instructions: 

      • Please email: jobs(at)kitbash3d(dot)com
      • Word your subject line exactly as follows: ATTN AMBASSADOR | [YOUR NAME] | [YOUR SOFTWARE or RENDER ENGINE]
      • In the body of the email, please give us a) the number of years you've used your software or render engine b) your available hours during the week to dedicate to your Ambassador duties c) favorite movie, tv show, book, song, dance, play OR poem d) why you think you'd be a good KB3D ambassador, no more than a paragraph
      • Resume
      • Portfolio


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