Our Bright Art Dark Times Update!

Over the last six weeks, we've asked our community to take our Utopia Kit and make some bright art to offer inspiration during these uncertain times. The response has been overwhelming with 375 posts for #BrightArtDarkTimes so far, but it is by no means finished! We still need your creativity! It has been truly uplifting to see this community of artists come together and offer their art to brighten all our lives. So today, we wanted to give you the update and share a handful of artists who offered their work and rose to the #BrightArtDarkTimes challenge, so that you may find the inspiration to do the same...

Ryan Wai Kin sent a Lancia Stratos flying through a bright Utopia skyline... there's nothing like a good old joy ride on a hot sunny day!

Lancia Stratos in Utopia from Ryan Wai Kin, LAM on Vimeo.

Saez Graphics created this scene of a drifter seeking shelter in this fresh Utopian City.

Darren Butler, our very own Head of 3D, created a personal piece for the first time in 10 years! Feast your eyes on Bright Light and Bright Night!!! Well done, Darren! When you came out with the night scene we immediately thought of that nature channel clip of the daytime nighttime bird. 


Dinos Tsarmaklis doodled over a render of the Utopia kit for a bright and beautiful illustration. We always love seeing the kits turned into bold graphic shapes and bright colors!!

Ulysse made some psychedelic motion graphics in Unreal Engine! We love the bright and abstract approach to these clips.  

Josh Pierce created a peaceful sci-fi scene against a full moon somewhere in a  faraway galaxy.

WeZuChan created this DMP study, exploring the shapes of the Utopia Kit along with the Industrial City Photo Pack from Jonathan Berube. We're looking forward to seeing the feature film, WeZuChan! Here is a link to his youtube channel to see it in motion here.

Nick Bauer made a cool, cloudy and calm Utopia. Pretty sure this is an album cover in the making!

Neda created this relaxing scene... just imagine yourself going for a nice walk underneath tall palm trees, watching the flocks of birds, listening to the lapping water....

Tom, from Ambocc studios, created this bright city skyline with a cyberpunk vibe and a speedster ripping down the highway, nice view, Tom!!!

Well we hope that brightened your day as much as it did ours! More so, we hope it inspired you to make your own bright and beautiful art. Utopia is still free until June 25th 2020, when you use the code brightartdarktimes, but we also invite you to use other kits as well for #BrightArtDarkTimes. Just follow the guidelines -- if you missed our first blog post about #BrightArtDarkTimes be sure to check it out here, as well as follow the hashtag on social media. Be safe, be well, be creative. And one more thing, if you're looking for Tips For Staying Creative At Home, we've got that too!

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