Designing the Ancient Temples Cover Art

Ancient Temples Is Here!

Designed by Sebastian Luca and modeled by Jakub VondraAncient Temples is one of our most imaginative and versatile kits to date. Whether you want to create ancient civilizations inspired by the weathered temples of South America and Asia, or branch outside our planet and construct mystifying alien lands, this kit will give you all the elements you need.

An interview with Ancient temples cover artist

Cristian Chihaia

Cristian Chihaia is an art director at Ubisoft. His recent work includes Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, Assassin's Creed: Origins, and Ghost Recon: Wildlands.  

Watch the KB3D Live episode below where we break open the brand new kit and discuss creating the cover art with Cristian! 

What Story is the cover art telling? 

"Once the Ta'ari took over their land, the few that escaped the slaughter made their way through the scorching desert towards the only place they could find safety in. The last bastion of hope for long thought to be lost in the sands. The people here prospered and ascended beyond conflict for millennia. Would they interfere now, as danger looms ever closer?"

How did you come up with that? What inspired you? 

There's just something about massive, ominous superstructures which always gets me excited. I start imagining who built them, how and why, or what life could be inside them. Is it a lush and luxurious paradise in the heart of the desert, or is it a harsh slaver city driven by money and corruption? I really enjoy making up entire narratives while I work, especially on longer pieces.


Cristian's grey scale render

Each structure was uniquely designed

All textures are realistic and weathered


What was your approach to creating this image? What Software did you use? 

For this particular image I wanted to focus on the scale and monolithic nature of the structures. First, I went into 3ds Max and started looking through the kit, trying to spark ideas in my mind from the get-go. Then I started sketching some of those ideas on paper to get a feel for what I was going to do. Afterwards, I took the kit into UE4 and began working on my compositions, adding lights, playing with mood, color, scale, camera lenses, etc. I love UE4 for this step as it allows me a lot of nondestructive flexibility. Once I was happy with my camera, I rendered a few different passes and went to Photoshop where I spent the rest of the time painting and that was it!

What did you think about working with this kit? 

I absolutely loved it, it's right up my alley thematically and I had a blast working with it. The models are clean and nice, there's plenty of variety in size and shapes, it's a really well put together kit. I also enjoyed the versatility of the elements, I was able to go crazy with the models and try out all kinds of different ideas. I missed working on a big desert-themed piece, this was really fun!

Why do you make art?

When I see a piece of art that resonates with me in some way I get an instant reaction; it's like a moment in which your pulse spikes and sometimes you gasp a bit. It could be the technical aspect, the story it tells, or the colors. I always hope to give the same to people watching my work, for that tiny second of joy, that's why I do it!

Ancient Temples is 50% off until February 19th, so don't miss your chance to grab all the temple facades, structures, dwellings, arches, and pillars you need to create your ancient or alien civilization right now!


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