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Utopia and Neo Tokyo Set To Star In Jordan Peele's Weird City...


Jordan Peele's new YouTube Originals show Weird City premieres February 13th on YouTube and you read it here first: Utopia will star as the land of The Haves, and Neo Tokyo will co-star as the realm of The Have Nots in the metropolis of Weird City. Before Utopia sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to speak about its new-found fame and recent paleo diet exploration, the rising star gave us an exclusive interview. You may have heard about the 1.1 Million Poly Count Beauty from the #kb3dcontest, or perhaps caught its scene-stealing performance in the final moments of Sava Zivkovic's Build Your World Short, but regardless of how the starlet first came into your life, Utopia is catching fire and everyone is talking about it. 

Everyone that is, except for Neo Tokyo and its representation..

Neo Tokyo and its entire team have only shared two words with us, which you will have to wait for with bated breath to read at the end of this article. Luckily for you though, the reporters at KB3D take their journalistic duties very seriously, and we have more on the story. A tip from an anonymous publicist who works for the company Great For Fantastical Futuristic Movies & Video Games told us that Neo Tokyo is still very angry about its agent's poor contract negotiations with Jordan Peele and the YouTube lawyers. As you probably remember from reading the above paragraph, Utopia will be portraying the land of the Haves, aka Above The Line in Peele's Weird City, while Neo Tokyo will be portraying the realm of the Have Nots, aka Below The Line. 

Needless to say, you can clearly see who's hot and who's not in the above image...

And not only is Neo Tokyo not happy with its lightning compared to Utopia's in the very first image of the official trailer pictured above, its lawyer, Jurbo Squidmen, allegedly took the character descriptions too literally. Squidmen ended up arguing for his client to take a pay cut as well as co-star credit because he thought his client wanted to explore avenues other than its typical typecast roles as the "sexy Cyberpunk villain's headquarters",  or the "adorable anime best friend city", or "simply a best-seller". 


Neo Tokyo baring it all in 

@adpxii's "Hedonism in Hong Kong"


A drenched and brooding Neo Tokyo in 

@lavkrstitelj's "Betrayal Before Bedtime"


With the Neo Tokyo team cleaning up its blunder, the KB3D tabloid investigative squad figured it would ask Neo Tokyo if it would ever have an exclusive sale, given its recent embarrassment. Neo Tokyo's team replied simply:

                                                                    "ABSOLUTELY NOT." 

Things are only looking up for Utopia on the contrary. In our exclusive interview at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood, Utopia let sip after a few too many ginger ales that it would no longer be 50% Off by the end of January. It seems to be grateful for the opportunities and exposure that the #kb3dcontest and Build Your World Short have afforded it, but after Weird City comes out, it has its sights set on bigger screens. As for the actors who will be sharing the tiny screens with the Mid-Poly Count, Fully Textured & Uved star, Michael Cera, LeVar Burton, Rosario Dawson, Laverne Cox, and Dylan O'Brien, have also declined to comment, because they are currently trying to sign with Utopia's talent agent, Morasome Futures.


Utopia going blue-gray in

@dofreshconceptart's "Titanic 2: Iceberg Strikes Again"  



Utopia's Oscar-nominated performance in 

@benjaminmorse_art's "Topía Blanca"


Weird City is a satirical anthology set in the not-too-distant future metropolis of Weird where the middle class has completely vanished and divided the population into two remaining sections: Above the Line (The Haves), and Below the Line (The Have Nots). The strange and mysterious Dr. Negari weaves all of the stories together as he presides over the Weird citizens, and each episode is a topic that pertains to modern day life. The fact that Utopia and Neo Tokyo will be featured in this series is not fiction, the rest is up to interpretation...    

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