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As part of our mission to enable and inspire creators of the virtual frontier, we hold ourselves to a high standard. We’re always looking ahead to stay on top of technology trends, ensuring the assets we build are premium quality to meet the needs and expectations of any film or game studio in the industry.


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Plans start at just $19/Month.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What Kit license is right for me?

Individual License

If you are a freelance artist for hire, or a hobbyist, or a student, and not staffed at a studio, this license is for you. Studio projects of any kind are not covered under this license nor can Kits with this license be stored on a company server.

Small Studio License

This license is for studios with 7 or fewer 3D artists on staff in total. Once you purchase a Kit, it is yours in perpetuity to use on as many projects as you like. Therefore, our licenses are based upon how many 3D artists in total work for your studio or will have access to your company server where the Kits may live.

Enterprise License

If you have more than 7 3D artists, please request a quote from our Enterprise team today.

For a more in depth look at our licenses please click here.

Can I download my kits in different formats or renderers?

Yes! You can download your purchased Kits from your My Kits page in your account in any of the formats we offer whenever you like after your purchase.

What are the technical requirements to use a KitBash3D Kit?

We’re always looking ahead to evolve our Kits and the work we produce to align with technology trends. We make an effort to always build assets that are premium quality that will meet the needs and expectations of any film or game studio in the industry.

To get the best performance using KitBash3D Kits, you'll want to use the following minimum technical recommendations:

  • CPU: 6 Core Processor
  • GPU: 8gb of VRAM
  • RAM: 32gb
  • Disk Space: 15gb per Kit

Can I get individual models or materials?

Yes, you can! You can access every Model and Material in the entire KitBash3D library in Cargo.

Cargo is our fully-loaded asset browser built to manage all your Kits in one place, making your workflow smoother and more efficient than ever before.

With Cargo, you can easily search, filter, and find any KitBash3D model or material. And with its 1-Click Import, you can seamlessly integrate them into your 3D software in seconds.

What comes with a Kit?

Every Kit is built in-house by our talented team of concept artists, modelers, texture artists, graphic designers, and DCC specialists. Layout scenes are included with all file formats except Unreal & Unity. Demo scenes are not included with Kits or available to download.

A Kit typically includes 10 large structures, 10 medium structures, 10 small structures, and 50-100 props and components. A Kit also includes between 30-60 materials. *Note: Depending on the genre, theme and scale of a Kits, these numbers may vary. The goal for each Kit is to provide all the pieces an artist would need to make a cohesive world.

Every Model and Material in each Kit is available in Cargo, our fully-loaded asset browser built to manage all your KitBash3D assets in one place.

Read more about what comes with a Kit in our Help Center.

Enterprise Licensing

Have a team of 8 or more 3D Artists? Provide your information below and our Enterprise Partnerships Team will reach out shortly.