New Flagship Video

Journey through the architectural worlds of KitBash3d in this new cinematic trailer to celebrate the first anniversary of the KB3D store. Travel to medieval Europe, Shogun Japan, Victorian London, war-torn futures, the moon and beyond!

This short was directed and animated by Sava Zivkovic, a director and CG artists based in Belgrade, Serbia, who also created the cover art image for the Future Slums kit. Sava has a strong belief in devoting time to personal projects, has received several awards and recognitions from the CG industry and has also given back to the industry by publishing some of his personal tutorials. The music/sound design was created by Iz Svemira, who is Sava's long time friend and frequent collaborator. 


If you're interested in finding out more about these artists, start with their behance profiles!

Direction/Animation - Sava Zivkovic -

Music/Sound Design - Iz Svemira -

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