The Cyberpunk #KB3Dcontest Winners & Finalists!

It was plain to see for anyone who followed the progress of this contest, that it was by and large the most competitive we've ever held with the highest quality entries we have ever seen! Cyperpunk #KB3Dcontest was sponsored by OTOY® and we cannot thank them enough for the incredible support in helping make this the best #kb3dcontest yet. Finalists in both the Concept & In-Motion categories will win up to $1,300 USD worth of prizes and winners will receive OctaneRender® Enterprise All-Access subscriptions

In-Motion Winners


David Perry

Designer // Animator working in Los Angeles, California: David's Vimeo

In this bleak future there is no hope or beauty in the world; only a virtual escape. For those ready to leave this world behind and permanently become one with nature, a new entrepreneurial start-up has developed the latest in medical technology: "Quiet Night". After a thorough virtual interview, a custom environment is created based on your personal preferences as to what your final sights, thoughts, and dreams shall be. You will not feel a thing.


Toni Pykäläniemi 

Digital Artist in Vancouver, Canada: Toni's ArtStation

The quintessential look at a Cyberpunk mega city. The detail, scale and composition create a breath-taking look at a terrifying future that feels all too real.


Gabriel Punsalang 

3D Generalist / Motion Designer in Las Pinas, Philippines: Gabriel's ArtStation

Gabriel's disparate hero is blasted into another realm from their suffocating Cyberpunk reality and the journey is terrifying, and trippy!

Concept Winners


Joe Valliant

Senior 3d Artist specialized in Arch-Viz in Gütersloh, Germany. Joe's ArtStation

Besides portraying the best noodles in town, Joe avoided the night shot/foggy cliché that we see so much (but still love!) in the cyberpunk genre. The idea was to create an everyday feel and this piece certainly achieved that in a uniquely bold way!


Nathan Haines

Concept Artist from Leeds, United Kingdom: Nathan's ArtStation.

Nathan's composition and shape language give the viewer so much to observe and absorb without completely overwhelming them -- a difficult feat to achieve well in a thoughtful and emotional rendition with a classic cyberpunk feel. 


Skie Graphics Studio

Freelance enthusiast of art, graphics and websites in Rome, Italy: Skie Graphics Studio's Website.

Sharp contrasts and smart composition give this piece an edgy story and make its car star quite compelling!

Finalists ... (in no particular order)


Arnaud Imobersteg from La Chaux-de-Fonds, Suisse. Arnaud's ArtStation.

@swampbaron on Instagram

Hanna Loegering from Fargo, US. Hanna's ArtStation

Chris M. Rieß from London, UK. Chris's Facebook

Kris Jones from the UK. Kris's Vimeo.


Leo Nuutinen from Finland. Leo's website

Niklas Nebelsieck from Berlin, Germany. Niklas's Facebook.   

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