Multitasking with Concept Artist James Paick

Check out this first video from the KitBash3d Festival featuring legendary concept artist, James Paick, whose recent work includes TitanfallDeadpool and Transformers: The Last Knight. In this episode, James demonstrates the true multitasking master he is by painting over Future Slums, Art Deco and Highways Prop Kit while simultaneously opening up about the triumphs and pitfalls of his career, how to combat artist's block, and about how driving race cars in your free time can help you make some of the best artistic decisions of your life.

Mike Golden staged a layout using the Future Slums, Art Deco, and Highways Prop kits.

And James Paick painted over it in under 90 minutes!

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If you don't have time to watch this 90-minute video (why would you want to waste a whole 90 minutes that will change your life forever?) you can watch the quick tips and tricks below and get the shots of inspiration and insight you need to attack your creative life right now. 



Before you paint the Mona Lisa or make Jurassic Park, you need a tool belt. Make mistakes. Fail often. Then anticipate that inevitable failure as you recognize it more often. Practice every day to add skills to that tool belt, and most importantly, if you have aspirations outside of your not-as-creative-as-you-would-like job, build the creative portfolio for the creative work you hope to have someday!


But learn how to problem solve for a specific type of person, the client, aka a person who doesn't always know what problems they have. They have words and a vision. You must figure out what kind of mood that vision demands, how they want the vision to feel, and how you can sculpt that vision. Translate their words into what is compelling on the screen; bring a vision to reality. 


After only a couple years of working, James lost his job after the 2008 recession and was faced with a difficult decision: should he continue along the path of being a concept artist for hire, or try and start his own studio in the midst of a recession? James took the gamble and as a result, both ScribblePad and later Brainstorm were born.

To learn about what it took to make these companies successful, what fear will do to an artist's mind, and how a master can create a sci-fi scene inspired by a sleepless night in Singapore in only 90 minutes, watch the full KB3D Festival episode above with James Paick, The Master of Making Moments and Going 100 Miles Per Hour.

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