Our Product

Kit bashing is an old school special effects term that means to take multiple models and combine them into something wholly your own. Our kits are built modularly to become the building blocks of your creativity. You can mix and match the different pieces together: take a roof from one building, add it to another, take off the doors, swap in more windows, the possibilities are endless. We want to evoke your sense of play.

We chose to create kits to give you everything you need to build your world in a cohesive style rather than asking artists to search through thousands of assets to piece their projects together.

AAA Quality Control

All of our handcrafted models go through our AAA quality control process to make sure every piece is production ready. Having worked closely with many top studios, we know that each team’s process is a little bit unique. To service this, we’ve designed our kits to be as flexible as possible and work in a variety of pipelines.

Tech Specs

Each kit comes with clean geometry, organized scene files, uved, with tileable textures, native file formats and shaders setup and ready to go for your render engine and 3d software of choice. We natively support Maya, 3ds Max, C4D, and Blender, as well as Octane, Redshift, Vray and default renderers. If you’re using a game engine like Unreal or Unity, or any software that’s not on the list, we provide .FBX and .OBJ files that will work for any of the above.