10 Must-Have 3D Kits for Your Digital Creator Toolbox

10 Must-Have 3D Kits for Your Digital Creator Toolbox

The amazing realm of 3D world-building continues to expand as new technologies, platforms, and tools are released each year. It’s a very exciting time to be a 3D artist and creator! This year, we've released a host of inspiring Kits that help artists, game developers, and more spark creativity and take their projects to new heights. Whether you're a professional or a hobbyist, you can build your world better, faster, and easier than ever before.

In no particular order, check out our picks for the 10 best Kits of 2023.

Age of Egypt: Mysteries of the Pharaohs

Uncover the secrets of ancient civilizations with Age of Egypt. This collection transports you to the land of pyramids, sphinxes, and pharaohs, offering a treasure trove of detailed, historically inspired models. From grand temples to bustling bazaars, Age of Egypt lets you recreate the majesty and mystery of a timeless culture.

Age of Egypt 3D Assets Ancient Egypt, Historical

Enchanted: A World of Fable and Fantasy Awaits

Escape to a fantasy realm with Enchanted. This magical collection sweeps you into a world of fairytale castles, mystical cottages, and bewitched forests. Each model is imbued with wonder, perfect for crafting stories of adventure, romance, and magic. Whether you're creating a serene elven village or a wretched witch's lair, Enchanted offers a portal to a fantasy world of your making. Try Bashing Enchanted with Iron Forge to create an immersive fantasy world with varied cultures and ways of life.

Iron Gorge 3D Assets Dwarven Kingdom Fantasy Empire

Neighborhood Shops: Small Business, Big Dreams

Cozy commercial interiors are the heart of your shopping district with Cargo Exclusive Neighborhood Shops. Featuring quaint boutiques, comfy cafes, and corner market stalls, each interior feels inviting and fresh. Storytellers and designers will be inspired to create lush, lived-in urban scenes. From pawn shops to bookstores, this Kit celebrates the spirit of small businesses and the communities they serve.

Neighborhood Shops 3D Assets for Cities and Urban Environments

Iron Forge: Where Metal Meets Magic

Industrial might and majesty join forces in Iron Forge. Journey into the heart of a kingdom where fire and metal create wonders. A carefully crafted selection of textures, stone buildings, and gilded details lets you build scenes that ring with the clanging of iron and the glow of molten ore. Perfect for expansive dwarven cities or industrial fantasy districts, Iron Forge offers unparalleled detail and realism. Try Iron Forge with Medieval Siege to create an unexpected world with masterful masonry!

Warfare: The Art of Combat

Rush into the heart of conflict with Warfare, a comprehensive collection that spans eras and continents. Warfare offers a wide range of military assets, from covered vehicles to modern-day bunkers, allowing you to stage tactical battles and strategic encounters. Whether you're recreating historical events or crafting your own war stories, Warfare brings intensity and authenticity to your scenes.

Warfare 3D Assets of Battle, Destruction, Conflict

Emergency Response: Heroes in Action

Unsung heroes get the respect they deserve in our first-ever Cargo Exclusive Interior Kit— Emergency Response. This dynamic collection includes everything to create urgent situations and gripping rescue scenes. From ambulances to emergency control centers and operating rooms, this Kit’s detailed interiors highlight first responders. It's an ideal choice for creating dire urban narratives or adding high-stakes drama to your projects.

Emergency Response 3D Assets of Hospitals, Urgent Care, Ambulance

Future Warfare: Battlefield of Tomorrow

Prepare for battle with Future Warfare, a cutting-edge collection of military might and futuristic fortifications. Future Warfare offers advanced artillery and high-tech bases to create intense, action-packed scenes. Whether a planetary takeover or intergalactic combat, Future Warfare brings your most thrilling battles to life.

Future Warfare 3D Assets of War, Conflict, Sci Fi Combat

AtomPunk: Retro-Futurism Reimagined

Step into an alternate past—or perhaps an alternate future!— with AtomPunk, where 1950s aesthetics meet futurist technology. AtomPunk offers a unique fusion of vintage and visionary, with dashing details, atomic-age architecture, and neon-lit accents. It's a playground for creators who want to reimagine the past or envision a world where the past and future collide in dazzling ways. For added sci-fi drama, try matching AtomPunk with Oasis.

Atom Punk3D Assets Futurist Retro Style

Hong Kong: City of Lights and Legends

The seductive energy of Hong Kong is nearly palpable! The sleek Kit captures the essence of the city's iconic skyline, bustling streets, and stark dichotomies. From towering skyscrapers to graffitied alleyways, this Kit provides a versatile canvas for stories inspired by one of the world's most dynamic metropolises.

Hong Kong 3D Assets of Contemporary Urban City

Construction Zone: Building the Future

Lay the foundations of progress with Construction Zone. This Kit is a tribute to the machines and materials that shape our cities and landscapes. With everything from towering cranes to busy worksites, Construction Zone is a must-have for showing cities as works in progress—the good, the bad, and the ugly! It's an essential Kit for any creator building realistic, dynamic urban environments.

Construction Zone 3D Assets for Urban Development

With all these incredible Kits at your fingertips, you can turn anything you can imagine into a fully realized virtual world. Stay faithful to a single genre or mix and match Kits for a style and story uniquely your own. The choice is always yours, and we’re so excited to see what you create next!

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