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Rule an Ancient Empire with

This week, we released Age of Egypt, the latest addition to our Historical collection. Delve into the captivating world where ancient wonders and a rich, vibrant history come alive. 

Inspired by a golden age of Pharaohs, warrior-kings, and structures of monumental proportion, Age of Egypt includes all of the models and materials needed to construct awe-inspiring cities, including iconic pyramids, magnificent temples, and lively bazaars nestled along the Nile's banks.

With a wide-ranging scope that captures all stratum of ancient Egyptian society, the Kit is ready to help resurrect your vision of one of history's greatest empires. Read on for our interview with the team of KitBash3D modelers, artists, and designers who developed the Kit. 

Ancient Egypt 3D Models - Overview - KitBash3D

What's the story behind Age of Egypt?

 "Within the Age of Egypt lies a profound sense of wonder—a yearning to unravel the mysteries of a civilization that has captivated humanity for millennia. With this Kit, we invite you to uncover the vibrant tapestry of grand bazaars, where textile merchants trade stories alongside their woven treasures. Explore the majestic Temple of Anubis, feel the weight of centuries of devotion to the gods who guided the path of ancient Egypt. Step into the sandals of an ancient architect and breathe new life into a civilization that continues to inspire and intrigue. We cannot wait to see what you create!" - Maxx Burman, Co-Founder of KitBash3D

Ancient Egypt 3D Models - Bazaar - KitBash3D

What was your favorite part about working on Age of Egypt and why? 

“This Kit was very ambitious. We wanted this Kit to feel like Egypt from the Middle Kingdom, so a lot of research and development was needed to get that right. We did a lot of sculptures, large and small, as well as huge terrain assets to make the Kit feel as authentic as possible. We added in a ton of color and created our own set of hieroglyphics. We did everything we could to put our users into the time period with the Kit. It was an awesome experience getting the whole team involved and the Kit shows that dedication.” - Mike Reese, Head of Kits

Ancient Egypt 3D Models - Market - KitBash3D

“I had such a blast set dressing this Kit and working on some of the sculptures alongside Mike Reese. This is a Kit that has more sculptures than we’ve done in the past, so it was quite an adventure to go on with the team. A lot of work and detail was put into every model and texture and I’m so proud of everything we accomplished for Age of Egypt. The set dressing was also really unique. There were a lot of new props to work with that allowed us to envision what each building was used for. It was so much fun transporting myself into that time and emphasizing how a villager might have used the spaces.” - Lienny Ruiz, 3D Modeler

Ancient Egypt 3D Models - Fruit Seller - KitBash3D

“My favorite part about working on Age of Egypt was definitely the design of the buildings. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing these buildings in concept, then taking those concepts and iterating on them. All the bases were created for me, and I could spend time working out the details through references. I didn't know at the time, but I found out about tons of little details in Middle Kingdom architecture and was really quite impressed on how they created it. That being said, it felt great being able to push that forward in the Kit, and create something fantastic and enjoyable for artists to work with.” - Timo Fahrbach, 3D Modeler

Ancient Egypt 3D Models - Oracle - KitBash3D

“This Kit was a great opportunity to learn about the different types of materials and methods of construction used in Egypt. It was an exciting challenge to create many different types of organic textures, such as mud, sand, terracotta, and limestone.” - Lee Siassi, Texture Artist

Ancient Egypt 3D Models - Textures - KitBash3D

“The texturing process for this Kit was very interesting. One of the challenges is that the color scheme is very neutral, so finding ways to add contrast and make details pop, and make the buildings feel unique was the main focus for the team.” - Luis Tornel, Asset Supervisor

Ancient Egypt 3D Models - Musician House - KitBash3D

Do you have a favorite model from the Kit? 

“My favorite model would have to be the Royal Palace. It has everything you would think of from an Egypt kit. Sculptures, hieroglyphics, amazing props, and textures. I really love that one.” - Mike Reese, Head of Kits

Ancient Egypt 3D Models - Royal Residence - KitBash3D

"That's a difficult question! If I had to pick just one, I think the sarcophagus stands out as particularly breathtaking." - Lee Siassi, Texture Artist

Ancient Egypt 3D Models - Sarcophagus - KitBash3D

"I love the sarcophagus. I felt especially proud of sculpting that one, and the texturing team did an incredible job on it. It looks so good!" - Lienny Ruiz, 3D Modeler

Ancient Egypt 3D Models - Residences - KitBash3D

Is there anything about the Kit you'd like to highlight or shout out?

“Huge props to the entire team on this one. Everything really had to come together and compliment each other. The models were excellent and only made better by the amazing materials. The amount of detail and care that went into each piece really shows and I am very proud of everyone involved in making this Kit a reality.” - Mike Reese, Head of Kits

Ancient Egypt 3D Models - Pyramid - KitBash3D

“Although I didn't do a lot of materials or texturing on this project, I would like to point out the great teamwork not only among the texturing team, but also the overall communication of everyone involved in this project, from the idea and concept to modeling and texturing.” - Alexey HRDesign, Texture Artist

Ancient Egypt 3D Models - Altar - KitBash3D

“I'd like to give a shout out to my fellow KitBasher Lienny. She helped me get the buildings in order, and especially towards the end helped to make sure the Kit was completed. It was my first Kit, and the help I got along the way was unquestionably amazing.” - Timo Fahrbach, 3D Modeler

Ancient Egypt 3D Models - Obelisk Lift - KitBash3D

“I want to give a huge shout out to the texturing team (Gabs, Anderson and Lee). All the props and buildings look incredible, the hieroglyphs they added along with the color choices brought the Kit to life! I also want to shout out Mike for helping us with the sculptures and providing amazing feedback along the way!” - Lienny Ruiz, 3D Modeler

Ancient Egypt 3D Models - Heiroglyphs - KitBash3D

“This Kit has a lot of new things for us, the team did a great job doing custom sculptures and large rocks and terrain elements. Shout out to everybody involved for bringing the Kit to life.” - Luis Tornel, Asset Supervisor

Ancient Egypt 3D Models - Temple of Anubis - KitBash3D

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