Artists Showcase the Possibilities of "Shogun"

Artists Showcase the Possibilities of

Earlier this week, we launched Shogun. This new Kit is packed with the assets you need to tell stories from the Tokugawa shogunate-era Japan, a time when the disciplined ideals of the samurai clashed with the hedonism of the ukiyo, or “floating world,” lifestyle. From quaint teahouses and sacred temples, to martial arts dojos and bandit hideouts, Shogun has all the assets you need to tell the stories of folk heroes, cunning thieves, tyrannical dayimos, and brave samurai. Check out our interview with the creators to go behind the scenes and discover the inspiration for the Kit. 

If you follow our Instagram, you’ll know that we love sharing the amazing ways digital artists around the world use our Kits, so what better way to inspire other creators for launch week than by giving some outstanding artists a chance to showcase their talent with the variety of assets available in Shogun? 

But first, let’s focus on Asher Ben Alpay, the cover artist for our new Kit. Asher is an Intermediate Concept Artist at Atomhawk. To create the cover image, Asher was inspired by The Ghost of Tsushima and the works of Romain Jouandeau. Take a look:

Shogun 3D Kit Cover by Asher Ben Alpay | KitBash3D

Along with Asher, we asked other creators to show us what they could make using the new Kit. Each artist brought their unique skill sets, tastes, and styles to their work as they sought to showcase the versatility of the Kit's assets and textures. Scroll to see the variety of creations, and then pick up the new Shogun Kit to get started for yourself.

ARTIST: Louis Lin

Shogun 3D Art by Louis Lin | KitBash3D

ARTIST: Florian Renaux

Shogun 3D Art by Florian Renaux | KitBash3D

ARTIST: nagafujiriku

Shogun 3D Art by nagafujiriku | KitBash3D


Art by thisisasmu | KitBash3D

ARTIST: Ulysse Prom

ARTIST: Sweeper3D

Art by Sweeper3D | KitBash3D

ARTIST: Molly Brady

Shogun 3D Art by Molly Brady | KitBash3D

Shogun 3D Art by Molly Brady | KitBash3D

ARTIST: Dizzy Viper

Shogun 3D Assets Art by The Dizzy Viper | KitBash3D

ARTIST: James Tralie

Inspired by what you’ve seen? Be sure to pick up Shogun during launch week to get 50% off your purchase. If you want a chance to be featured like the artists above, be sure to tag us and share your work with our Kits using #KitBash3D. Happy KitBashing!

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