Behind the Kit: Creating "Warfare" with the KitBash3D Team

Behind the Kit: Creating

Happy 2023, KitBashers! KitBash3D has an exciting year ahead, starting with this week's release of Warfare, our latest Battlefields Kit. This Kit's highly detailed assets include everything you need to create adrenaline-pumping combat zones and regions embroiled in conflict. 

Learn more about the research, modeling, texturing, and more that went into creating our newest Kit with the team of KitBash3D artists that created it.

Warfare 3D Assets - KitBash3D

What's the story behind Warfare?

"With this Kit, we set out to make the ultimate paintball field. The Rambo-esque action movie. The Ghost Warrior Medal of Duty video game. This is a run-n-gun battlefield filled with crashed transport trucks, downed helicopters, and hideouts ready to be infiltrated. Whatever the setting, whatever the battle, this Kit is locked and loaded, and we can’t wait to see what you’ll make!" - Maxx Burman, Co-Founder of KitBash3D

What was your favorite part about working on Warfare?

"My favorite part about working on Warfare was collaborating with the team to create all the juicy details found throughout the Kit. We did several passes of details to make sure that we had all the elements needed to tell a compelling story. From the sniper hideouts to the downed helicopter, we made sure to pack this Kit full of action so that everyone could feel the emotion and excitement throughout." - Mike Reese, Head of Kits

Warfare 3D Assets - Garage | KitBash3D

“My contribution to this Kit was modeling the helicopter, which was then absolutely wrecked by Joe, in the best way possible of course! It was really cool to see how it fared in a crash and how they were able to make the best of that situation. Maybe some rescue birds will arrive soon? It is just such a well executed set, I can’t wait to see how people interact with it.” - Brandon Acree, Vehicle Modeler

Warfare 3D Assets - Helicopter | KitBash3D

“I have always been fascinated by environments where you can appreciate the wear and tear or destruction thanks to the passage of time or the intervention of man and this Kit has a lot of it. So my favorite part was to choose the right materials and colors, always taking care that they were sufficiently worn or destroyed to make the textures tell that story." - Gabs Herrera, Texture Artist

Warfare 3D Assets - Textures | KitBash3D

“I loved working on the Depot Truck, being my first model starting on KitBash3D! I also picked up on how things are done inside the company and interacting with the team. I loved having our meetings and contributing and receiving feedback on how to improve models.” - Dan Ene, Vehicle Modeler

Warfare 3D Assets - Missle Launcher | KitBash3D

“Figuring out the different levels of damage and grime on the textures was a lot of fun. It was interesting to see the variety of materials that would be affected by war, from metal sheets meant for wear and tear to fragile interior wallpapers being exposed to the outside world and peeling away.” - Lee Siassi, Texture Artist

Warfare 3D Assets - Tent Interior | KitBash3D

“My favorite part was definitely research of all the amazing warfare type games that are out there. The militant, utilitarian design is one of my favorite styles so I had a great time making fake military contracting companies and smaller details like MRE ghost pepper chips and vintage playing cards. Then seeing those within the amazing models the Kits team made was a really great moment of everything just coming together so nicely.” - Emily Amick, Graphic Designer

Warfare 3D Assets - Graphic Design | KitBash3D

“My favorite part about Warfare was about working on the big structures. They had great designs! I really like the big military hangars—working on them was very enjoyable for me!” - Mohammad Afshari, 3D Modeler

Warfare 3D Assets - Large Story Models | KitBash3D

"My favorite part about working on Warfare was getting to explore new techniques to create damage to the structures. It was a lot of fun to destroy walls and columns in order to make this Kit come to life. I also got the opportunity to play with a lot more cloth simulations in this Kit, which was awesome." - Lienny Ruiz, 3D Modeler

Warfare 3D Assets - Sniper Nest Models | KitBash3D

Do you have a favorite model from the Kit?

“It’s always hard to narrow it down. I really like the tracked transport vehicle, but I think that little UAV is probably my favorite. I kind of want to see someone scale these down and make a swarm of them… that wouldn’t be terrifying at all.” - Brandon Acree, Vehicle Modeler

Warfare 3D Assets - UAV Console Props | KitBash3D

“The hospital is one of my favorite models because in it we find a variety of incredible props that give us that storytelling and you can see that something is about to happen, at any moment someone is peeking out of that red tarp.” - Gabs Herrera, Texture Artist

Warfare 3D Assets - Hospital | KitBash3D

“I think all the models look great, but I love the downed helicopter!” - Mario Gimenez, 3D Modeler

Warfare 3D Assets - Helicopter Crashed | KitBash3D

"I am a huge fan of the downed helicopter and the stuck depot truck. I am really happy with the level of detail and impact these two pieces are going to have on the Kit. Every piece has a cool moment that can be discovered but those two pieces are really iconic and add a lot of drama to the Kit. I am really looking forward to see what everyone does with them!" - Mike Reese, Head of Kits

Warfare 3D Assets - Gas Station | KitBash3D

“Favorite model has to be the Quick-N-Go gas station. This was also my favorite design because it’s such a staple in those fps war themed games and I love that we already had this fake franchise that we can see go through the years. Quick-N-Go started in the Americana Kit with a very 80’s type treatment, so it was fun to “rebrand” it and bring it to a modern day design and then just absolutely destroy it. On top of the design, Kits team took the set dressing on this one to the next level so I feel like there are tons of stories here and I can’t wait to see what people make with it.” - Emily Amick, Graphic Designer

Warfare 3D Assets - Gas Station | KitBash3D

"I love the downed helicopter! That is such a unique asset, and I love the story it tells within the Kit. Aside from that, all the hero props look absolutely incredible!" - Lienny Ruiz, 3D Modeler

Warfare 3D Assets - Tank | KitBash3D

Is there anything about the Warfare Kit that you'd like to highlight or shout out?

“KitBash3D's mission is to inspire the creation of new worlds and in this case I want to give a big shout out to Luke Hunter for the amazing environment he created with Warfare. When I saw it it blew my mind. Thanks for that Luke!” - Gabs Herrera, Texture Artist

“I’d like to highlight the sheer amount of detail in the props, especially the downed helicopter, the military truck and the artillery in Warfare - these are all absolutely gorgeous models! It’s insane how many little things are just waiting to be discovered in these prop scenes and the textures on them just blew me away. Also I’d like to highlight some of the interior scenes - especially the sniper hideout. The wallpaper and the set dressing just add so much life to what could have just been a destroyed building.” - Emily Amick, Graphic Designer

Warfare 3D Assets - Gas Station | KitBash3D

“The gas prices at Quick-N-Go are terrible nowadays, plan your next trip through the warzone accordingly.” - Lee Siassi, Texture Artist

Warfare 3D Assets - Gas Station Macro | KitBash3D

“Absolutely! Dan did such an incredible job with the Depot Truck, I especially like the posed scene where it got a little beat up after having run into a downed tree and stuck in the mud. There are such cool parts to this too that let you pull some things apart and set it in a bunch of situations.” - Brandon Acree, Vehicle Modeler

Warfare 3D Assets - Depot Truck | KitBash3D

“Overall the Kit looks epic, the buildings, the props and the vehicles, everyone did a fantastic job! Shout to Mike for the amazing input and feedback to improve the work and the help and guidance in my first weeks starting at KitBash3D. Also shout to Joe for help and Brandon for advice because he is a vehicle artist and shared great advice on chassis parts which I adjusted to fit the Depo truck. Also, Anderson Araujo for the awesome job with the texturing of the Depot Truck!” - Dan Ene, Vehicle Modeler

Warfare 3D Assets - Depot Truck | KitBash3D

"I want to shout out the texture team for an outstanding job with this Kit. This was a big effort and it had a lot of challenges. Each member of the texturing squad brought their A-game and made sure that the Kit felt like a war zone while also telling some really interesting stories with the materials. This includes the types of damage on the buildings and props, scorched wallpaper to the inside of rooms, and even a gnarly toilet. It’s all there in this one!" - Mike Reese, Head of Kits

Explore the full scope of the Warfare Kit's military equipment, repurposed buildings, downed helicopters, operations bases, communications centers, medical facilities, defense towers, and more now. Happy KitBashing!

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