Behind the Kit: Medieval Siege

Behind the Kit: Medieval Siege

Hark! This week, we're releasing Medieval Siege, our newest Kit in our Fantasy collection. Enter the world of medieval battles, where a king's army wages war on enemy fiefdoms, and the only guarantee is destruction. Choose between the regal Griffins defending the castle, the rebel Bear invaders, or the villainous, mercenary Wolves who come to the aid of the highest bidder.

Mix and match modular castles, towers, and walls, both destroyed and reconstructed, to set the perfect backdrop for battles of epic proportions. Drawbridges, siege towers, bandit camps, invasion fortifications and classic middle age war machines like catapults, trebuchets and battering rams capture the drama and excitement of a true Medieval Siege.

To celebrate the launch and preview the Kit, we asked the members of the KitBash3D team who created it to walk us through the design, modeling, and texturing that went into it.

Medieval Siege 3D Assets - KitBash3D

What's the story behind Medieval Siege? 

"This Kit is made to tell stories of knights and templars, heroes and villains, battering rams and catapults. This is where steel meets steel. It's about placing your flaming trebuchets to fire onto the towering strongholds. It's about building your military camps within abandoned homesteads. We want to equip you with everything you need to enter the dark ages and take the castle! Build with glory!" - Maxx Burman, Co-Founder of KitBash3D

What was your favorite part about working on Medieval Siege? 

“Working with our fantastic modeling team about how we wanted to tell the story of the siege. We would ask ourselves, ‘what faction does this building belong to, and how did it get damaged?’ ‘Did they take it over after a raid or was it abandoned?’ These conversations helped to develop the entire Kit, especially what kind of damage and set dressing went into each piece.” - Mike Reese, Head of Kits

Medieval Siege 3D Assets - Castle Drawbridge | KitBash3D

“Modeling the props and siege vehicles. I've always been a fan of the medieval setting, so being able to model a bunch of cool medieval themed assets was so much fun! The set dressing phase was also a blast, since I had all these props to inject some really cool additional storytelling into the structures and vehicles.” - JD Havenga, 3D Modeler

Medieval Siege 3D Assets - Destroyed House Detail | KitBash3D

“Getting absolutely lost in all of the storytelling. The models told stories of devastation, violence, and loyalty to the cause. With that, I tried to add to the storytelling by creating factions for the brave souls that would find themselves at war here. I took a lot of inspiration from games and shows in this specific genre and tried to create two main “houses” deep in conflict, the Gryphon house and the Grizzly house. There’s also external factions like the Wolves that deal in weaponry and whose loyalty lies with the highest bidder. All in all, it was very fun to develop these graphics and there’s so much potential here to tell all kinds of stories.” - Emily Amick, Graphic Designer

Medieval Siege 3D Assets - Graphic Design | KitBash3D

“Working overall on so many different castle and fortress parts and being transported to the medieval times! I love history and games like Age of Empires. It was a joy to contribute to this Kit!” - Dan Ene, 3D Modeler

Medieval Siege 3D Assets - Graphic Design Spheres | KitBash3D

“The ability to work in my favorite Medieval setting and the texturing of the set. The walls are stacked with cobblestones, and there are great wooden weapons of war such as the trebuchet and catapults. It reminds me very much of my childhood playing Age of Empires.” - Alexey HRDesign, Texture Artist

Medieval Siege 3D Assets - Catapult | KitBash3D

Do you have a favorite model from the Kit?

“The huge drawbridge with the castle. This was a massive challenge but it has so much going on in every area of the model. I really like how epic the whole model feels from a first-person perspective. Walking around it you get a sense of a massive battle and the intensity of the action. That is what I enjoy most about developing the sets is trying to invoke emotion and action in the static models.” - Mike Reese, Head of Kits

Medieval Siege 3D Assets - Drawbridge | KitBash3D

“It would have to be the drawbridge, or perhaps one of the various unique cart vehicles in the Kit. The drawbridge is such an imposing structure, and Dan, our senior modeler, put a bunch of really interesting details into it. I'm also a big fan of the cart vehicles, since each one of them is such a cool spin on the traditional horse-drawn medieval cart.” - JD Havenga, 3D Modeler

Medieval Siege 3D Assets - Resource Cart | KitBash3D

“All the heavy artillery such as catapults or crossbows. The smaller assets like lamps and food help dress up the set with amazing stories, too.” - Gabs Herrera, Texture Artist
 Medieval Siege 3D Assets - Battering-Ram | KitBash3D

“This is hard because there are models large and small in this Kit that are just so cool. I think my favorite would have to be the destroyed outer wall. It’s daunting, it’s gorgeous, and with all of the little nooks and crannies you could have 30 separate epic sword fights happening here and it would be so cinematic. This is a huge model but I also have to highlight the wagons, catapults, and weaponry as favorites of mine as well.” - Emily Amick, Graphic Designer

Medieval Siege 3D Assets - Broken Castle Walls | KitBash3D

“I like the drawbridge a lot, from concept art (which was amazing) to the final 3D model. It was awesome to create such a complex piece – I had to research medieval architecture to get things as accurate as possible, like the mechanism and logic behind it.” - Dan Ene, 3D Modeler

Medieval Siege 3D Assets - Destroyed Wall | KitBash3D

Is there anything about the Medieval Siege Kit you'd like to highlight or shout out?

“This Kit deserves so many shoutouts! First is the modeling team for their huge effort in making this Kit as massive and destroyed as it is. A lot of thought and effort went into that aspect alone. Then to the texturing team for putting in all the extra effort to make the Kit have that extra layer of depth. The castle walls are gorgeous and you can really feel each stone. Every material supports the story and I couldn’t be prouder of the team for conquering this epic Kit.” - Mike Reese, Head of Kits

Medieval Siege 3D Assets - Castle | KitBash3D

“I would like to highlight the sheer amount of detail there is in this Kit. Each member of the team really put in the effort to make this Kit feel detail rich, and to make sure it authentically fits in the medieval setting.” - JD Havenga, 3D Modeler

Medieval Siege 3D Assets - Destroyed House | KitBash3D

“This Kit is full of props and the detail that each one has in the textures is incredible. They transport us to some scenes where we can appreciate the camps of Robin Hood or King Arthur.”  - Gabs Herrera, Texture Artist

Medieval Siege 3D Assets - Castle Camp | KitBash3D

“I have to highlight the textures and the set dressing! Insanity! There’s so much going on in each small piece and there are so many secret places to find here. Everything is covered in arrows and spears and the ground is littered with fallen shields, weaponry, and rubble. The textures are incredible throughout and really give a visceral and emotional element to the models. Everything about this Kit screams to be in motion. Just looking at static pieces, it really feels like they’ve just been paused in time and when you hit play you’ll be in the greatest medieval battle sequence of all time. Kudos to the Kits team that made it happen.” - Emily Amick, Graphic Designer

Medieval Siege 3D Assets - Castle Catapult | KitBash3D

“Big shout out to everyone involved in making this Kit, from concept art to modeling work by JD (who I collaborated with), to Mike for his amazing feedback and help, and to Alexey and Gabs for bringing amazing colors to the models with epic texturing work.” - Dan Ene, 3D Modeler

Medieval Siege 3D Assets - Battlefield | KitBash3D

“I'd like to acknowledge the amazing work of our concept artists on this set, especially in the area of mechanical weapons of war. Also in this Kit you will find a whole atlas and a set of models with grass for your own crop fields.” - Alexey HRDesign, Texture Artist

Pick up Medieval Siege to discover the Kit's full range of assets including modular castles, towers, walls, drawbridges, siege towers, catapults, battering rams and more. Happy KitBashing! 

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