Creating a Zombie Apocalypse with the New "DMZ" Kit

Creating a Zombie Apocalypse with the New

Following in the footsteps of prolific digital artists like Beeple, Fabian Oberhammer, better known as The Dizzy Viper, has made a name for himself creating hundreds of artworks and collaborating with top musicians and brands like Skrillex, Maserati, and West Coast Customs. Fabian credits our 3D assets as a “game changer” for his work, and now he’s permanently cemented into KitBash3D history as the cover artist for our new DMZ kit! And now, with its release, we're thrilled to shine a light on Fabian’s story and the process behind his incredible work!

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DMZ 3d asset kit

KitBash3D: Thanks for joining us! Can you introduce yourself to our readers and describe your creative journey up until this point?

Fabian: My name is Fabian, also known as Dizzy Viper on social media. I’m a 24-year-old Italian NFT / Visual Artist. I’ve been working in 3D for 7 years now and making daily renders for 5 years. I started my 3D journey in Blender and switched to working in Cinema4D and Octane.

I got into the game through music production and looking for visuals to use, which is how I discovered Beeple, and that quickly got me hooked on 3D more than music. Discovering KitBash3D back in 2017, my whole world changed. I used to (have to) model all my assets because I simply did not know that downloading and purchasing assets existed, and I truly dislike modeling personally. My passion is scene building, lighting, and storytelling, and KitBash3D made exactly that possible.

I’ve also worked with various musicians on stage visuals, music videos, and album covers, including for Skrillex, Excision, ONF, Oliverse, and Nameless Music Festival. For the past two years, I’ve also been getting more into the automotive render scene, since I’m a big car guy myself - which has also opened a few opportunities working with brands like Maserati, McLaren, and my latest project, an NFT collaboration with West Coast Customs.

dmz 3d models

KitBash3D: It truly is an honor to have played a role in your artistic development. What was your first thought when we asked you to make the cover art for DMZ (i.e. Demilitarized Zone)?

Fabian: I loved it. My work shows a variety of genres, but one of my favourites and most used is apocalyptic, abandoned, and post-human renders. With Aftermath, Warzone, and Future Slums being my all-time favourite kits, DMZ is an amazing addition to my artworks and scenery.

art by thedizzyviper

KitBash3D: What inspired or influenced your design for the cover art?

Fabian: I mainly got inspired by the art of The Last of Us. It’s my favourite game series, and the DMZ kit fits perfectly into that universe without being too specific, meaning I can also imagine using it for multiple other genres and purposes. The lighting in the scene especially was something that I remember seeing in The Last of Us Part II, and I’ve been using similar lighting in my work ever since. 

I wanted to tell a story with only the image, which in this case is a safezone for non-infected people who can pursue a rather normal social life within the zone, represented by the people inside and the various models of self-built shops, cantinas, and agricultural buildings included in the kit.

dmz cover art process

KitBash3D: What was your favorite part about making the cover art, or your favorite part about using the kit?

Fabian: My favourite part about the kit were the “self-built”-type buildings, such as the towers, overgrown walls, and shops that give off a very post-apocalyptic society feeling. 

KitBash3D: You mentioned that genre is a common feature in your work. What ways did this piece differ from what you would normally do?

Fabian: I tried improving my workflow for widescreen images actually. Since most of my work is created in a portrait ratio of 4:5, I always have to get used to working in a widescreen ratio, which has a surprisingly different workflow/art theory than 4:5. I also sought to keep improving my lighting and fog skills. 

dmz cover art lighting test

KitBash3D: Are there are any ideas you’re looking forward to exploring next with this kit in your usual 4:5 format?

Fabian: My next idea with DMZ is to create a giant skyscraper structure with all the shops and facilities, inspired by Babylon in Zombieland: Double Tap.

KitBash3D: If you could give this kit to another artist who you think could also use it in a cool or unique way, who would it be?

Fabian: That's a good question: I think Skie Graphic Studio, Martin Vanners, or Mike Golden would do an amazing job with this kit. 

3d artists

KitBash3D: Before we go, we have to say, your consistency and artistic output is inspiring. What drives you to keep creating something new everyday?

Fabian: There are many factors. My passion for art (for daily renders specifically). The community that I’ve built up over the years and friends that I’ve made. How far I’ve come in my career. Getting better everyday, learning something new everyday. It has truly become a life’s work and it’s incredible to look back and see the achievements and the progress.

KitBash3D: Are there any artists that keep you inspired that you would like to shout-out?

Fabian: My biggest inspirations are: Beeple (especially 2016/17 artworks), Simon Stålenhag, Syd Mead, Huleeb, and Liam Wong. But there are countless other inspirations, that being video games, movies, and a lot of my artist friends. We all inspire each other on a daily basis.

KitBash3D: Thanks so much for sharing these, gracing our DMZ kit with you work, and for taking the time to let us all learn a little bit more about you. Any final thoughts for us or the KitBash3D community?

Fabian: KitBash3D has been an absolute game changer for me and my art journey, and I cannot wait to see what the KitBash3D community will create with this kit. 



Fabian Oberhammer, a.k.a. TheDizzyViper, is a 24-year-old visual artist from Italy. He started 3D back in 2015 using Blender, but since switched to Cinema4D and Octane Render in early 2017, changing everything for him and his art. It's the year he also started doing daily renders, and he hasn’t stopped since nor does he plan to do so. “3D art is my passion, and I love every single day I can create.” – Fabian.

You can find Fabian on ArtStation, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch.

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