Here Are Five 3D Asset Kits That Every Artist Needs

Here Are Five 3D Asset Kits That Every Artist Needs

Empower Your Creativity with these Premium 3D Models

Ready-made 3D assets have become a major game-changer in the entertainment industry, enabling greater efficiency and creative expression than ever before. As 3D applications continue to increase in popularity, artists no longer want to make everything from scratch – and that's where KitBash3D comes in. 

What is KitBash3D? We are the preeminent destination for themed asset packs that can be used in all major 3D softwares, from Blender to Unreal Engine. Environment Artist Mike Johnson states “by having access to KitBash3D’s extensive Premium 3D Asset library, we were able to create the cinematic world of Love, Death & Robots in a fraction of the time." He’s not alone either: Art Directors like Ash Thorp (Ghost in the Shell) and Patrick O’Keefe (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) call our asset kits an “indispensable resource.”

Whether for a studio or as an independent creator, if you’re looking for production-ready 3d model packs in cohesive styles, KitBash3D has you covered. With genres ranging from fantasy to historical, sci-fi, modern, and dystopian, the possible worlds you can create are endless. Take a look below for five stellar kits you can start using today!

1. City Streets

city streets 3d models

Bring some everyday life to your urban backdrops with readymade roadside vignettes – including construction zones, littered sidewalks, bus stops, and subway stations – making it even easier to quickly bring familiar details to your realistic city scenes. Every prop and set piece in this 3D asset kit is fully customizable, mid-poly, and 4K quality, from the traffic lights, kiosks, and fences, down to the food stands, shopping carts, and trash bins. Click here to shop now!

2. Lunar Base

moon base 3d models

Set the scene for a high-speed Moon chase or assemble an outpost on Mars with these 30+ lunar habitat model exteriors. This sci-fi colony kit is complete with a range of facilities like command headquarters, mining silos, glass biodomes, space laboratories, and life support systems – all in 4K and AAA game quality. So suit up, load these assets with your favorite 3D software, and launch your project to infinity and beyond. Click here to shop now!

3. Favelas

trailer park 3d models

Depict the impoverished shanty-towns of Latin American slums or envision burgeoning post-apocalyptic urban centers with this kit's enormous catalog of makeshift dwellings, complexes, huts, props, and fixtures. Quickly build your scene with a range of extraordinarily detailed derelict city blocks and embellish them further with corrugated iron, water tanks, folding chairs, and shoddy electrical wiring. Each ramshackle unit is uniquely crafted and infinitely customizable – from the football courtyard to the rickety pier. Click here to shop now!

4. Treasure Island

pirate ship 3d models

Conquer the Seven Seas and make port in a pirate's paradise with exquisitely detailed wharfs, saloons, markets, battlements, churches, and Spanish-style manors. With its majestic ship that's sure to shiver the timbers of all those who look upon it, this 3D asset kit is perfect for any creator looking to relive the Golden Age of Pirates. Click here to shop now!

5. Gaea

fantasy village 3d models

Envision a civilization of peace and learning or an ancient stronghold of battle with Gaea's many great halls. This 3D asset kit combines natural materials and complex geometry with both Eastern and Western architectural influences. Fill your fantasy realms with beautiful cultural centers, banquet halls, intricate yurts, grand courts, and more – complete with artisan-crafted tables, decorative weavings, and earthenware vessels suitable for any learned kingdom or academic society. Click here to shop now!

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