How Dangiuz Uses KitBash3D's Premium 3D Model Library

How Dangiuz Uses KitBash3D's Premium 3D Model Library

The Wonderful Works of Visionary Artist Dangiuz

No one creates artworks quite like Dangiuz. Originally a graphic designer, his adoption of 3D programs like Cinema 4D led him to create breathtaking science fiction scenes that have caught the eye of clients like Adobe, Maserati, Maxon, NVIDIA, and more! As his signature style, each digital painting typically features sprawling overcast and neon-lit megacities with an undeniable sense of beauty. Recently, Dangiuz spoke with us to shed some light on his work; read below for more!

carnival plaza by dangiuz

KitBash3D: Hello, Dangiuz! We’re delighted to have you. Can you introduce yourself and describe your creative journey up until this point and what are you up to now?

Dangiuz: Hey there, KB3D Staff! Happy to be here. Huge fan of your works. So far my creative journey has been an endless evolution, both personally and artistically. I have a background in graphic design, but regarding 3D, I started nearly three years ago, and it escalated from there. Some high points in my career have been the various commercial projects I made for high-end clients, and right now I’m testing my luck in the NFT world, and I can say it’s working out. I love this world.

peaceground by dangiuz

KitBash3D: It’s exciting seeing your artwork resonate with so many people! What drew you to the science fiction genre?

Dangiuz: I’d say it’s a passion for the future, technological advancement, robots, and so on. I was a fan of all these things as a kid and it made me want to “draw things my way.”

KitBash3D: Would you mind walking us through one of your pieces?

Dangiuz: This one, called “Working Class,” features some workers living their life in an underground scenario and includes the Cyber Streets kit.

working class by dangiuz

Dangiuz: Below is an early shot with no lights/fog/atmosphere. It was kind of random but I enjoyed seeing how the fisheye effect was already conveying what I wanted to go for.

Next was a lighting test. I tried to add my usual fog and atmosphere as well as live up to my usual blue shades. Even though I was quite happy about how it was coming to life, I realized it was getting too monochromatic.

And last is the final render before post-production. This is where I had the idea of adding some orange tones to disrupt the palette and go for those sort of complementary colors. In the end, I think it looked very good. 

working class breakdown

KitBash3D: What did you enjoy about the process of making this artwork? What KitBash3D kits stood out to you? What influenced your thinking about this piece? Was there something you wanted to convey?

Dangiuz: I enjoyed testing different camera spots and lighting setups a lot. The composition came naturally, and the central “post” and the street food Cyber Streets diner were a really nice touch in my opinion. They fill the composition in technical terms as well as add context to the piece. I definitely wanted to go for those post-apocalyptic vibes and I think I managed to do it.

KitBash3D: Indeed! The world-building in each of your pieces is so immersive. They feel like they are part of the same cohesive cinematic world. Could you share a few more examples?

Dangiuz: This piece is called “Middleworld”: a place that exists only in people's minds when they're about to make a change – that middle ground connecting two worlds. It features elements from the Brutalist kit, among others. 

middleworld by dangiuz

Dangiuz: This one is “Best Friends,” named after the two best friends sharing a view from the highest peak of the city. It was made using the Utopia kit. 

best friends by Dangiuz

KitBash3D: Your continual improvement is absolutely mindblowing. Is there anything that you’re looking forward to trying next with our kits in the future?

Dangiuz: Yes! Definitely. I have already used my favourite KB3D kits so many times, but I still have so many ideas. I will take my time to implement and create them. I can’t wait to see what’s coming [from you] next. I love your stuff, because it makes my work easier, and most of the time your products go along very nicely with my style.

edo japan by dangiuz

KitBash3D: We appreciate that, thank you! What drives you to continually think of and execute your creative vision?

Dangiuz: I’m driven by a passion for art and the deep consideration I have for it, as well as the diligence and the curiosity of wanting to learn more, to improve, and to amaze myself and others!

KitBash3D: Consider us amazed! Before we wrap up, do you have any tips for other artists? 

Dangiuz: My most precious tip is to not rush things. Always take your time. I know you can’t wait to share your work on social media and so on, but once it’s published, you’ll start noticing every mistake, regretting if you could have done better, overthinking, etc. Never rush a piece. I learnt this myself by making this mistake countless times and ending up removing the piece.

goliath by dangiuz

KitBash3D: The “quality over quantity” of your work certainly speaks for itself. As your career advances, especially for a fine artist, there’s something to be said about being mindful of the curation of your work. It all depends on your goals.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers before we go?

Dangiuz: Not much, just that I’m incredibly grateful to KitBash3D for this interview and I’m a huge fan of their awesome products and the hard work they put into them.

About Dangiuz


Dangiuz, a pseudonym of Leopoldo D'Angelo (born 11 July, 1995, in Turin, Italy), is an Italian Visual Artist, Art Director, and Graphic Designer specializing in sci-fi and retro-futuristic themes. 

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You can follow his work on his website, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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