Change the Game with Unreal & Unity native files!

Change the Game with Unreal & Unity native files!

KitBash3D is now Game Engine Ready with Unreal and Unity files!

KitBashers, rejoice! We are thrilled to announce our biggest update ever: our Kits 4.0 ‘Game Engine Ready’ release features native files for Unreal and Unity, as well as Houdini and a slew of massive upgrades for Blender, C4D, Maya and 3ds Max. We could not have come this far without you, and after hearing from 1,000s of passionate artists, devs, and designers, we have taken all the invaluable feedback and created a new chapter of KitBash3D that will give you more creative power and inspiration for all your video game and film projects. 

Starting RIGHT NOW, you can sign into your account or create a free one here, to receive the FREE KITS 4.0 UPDATE!

Choose your Kit. Build your World. Change the Game.

The new Neo Tokyo

Our premium 3D assets will now work seamlessly with the two biggest game engines in the industry, but that's not all that 4.0 brings! We've introduced PBR materials, non-overlapping UVs, clean geometry and a whole lot more for our 4.0 kits!

The new Ancients

Dive into Kits 4.0

Want to know exactly how much change Kits 4.0 brings you? Check out all our massive upgrades:

  • PBR materials: introducing Metal/Roughness workflow, with optional Spec/Glossy workflow for 3.0 Legacy kits. All textures have been redone to 8bit 4k PNGs with an accompanying 16bit height maps for higher fidelity.
  • Logical Parts: the geometry is setup in more modular ways to make it easier than ever to customize your kits
  • Standardized relative texture paths: so you won’t have to spend time repath naming and grouping. We have specifically tailored our texture sets to be as optimal as possible for each 3d file. ARM Textures for Unreal & MAD textures for Unity are prime examples
The new Neo Shanghai

  • UVs: we're introducing UVs that are non-overlapping, eliminating hours of repetitive work.
  • Second channel of UVs: We've added a second channel of UVs that can be utilized specifically for baking lighting in real-time game engines
  • Standardized pivots for every piece
  • Cleanup pass on all geometry: removed ngons, coplanar faces, etc.
  • Some of our most popular kits have been remodeled from the ground up to match current kit standards, so you can continue to work with your favorites

Download your FREE 'Neo City' mini-kit!

Want to give Kits 4.0 a test ride and see all the upgrades for yourself? Download the Neo City mini kit FOR FREE for the next month only. Neo City features select pieces from some of our most popular full world kits: Neo Tokyo, Neo Tokyo 2, Cyber Streets and Neo Shanghai, and will help you create cyberpunk megacities, sci-fi dystopias or do the unexpected with the genre and create a bright, sunny and friendly cyber scene. The choice is yours! This kit is free for a limited time only, so grab it here while you can!

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