Digital Artist Loish on How NOT to Burnout

Digital Artist Loish on How NOT to Burnout

Self-Care Tips with Loish

In this episode, we chat a lot about what we call the Growth Equation (i.e. stress + rest = growth), and Loish breaks down many of her keys to a long and happy career – including: how to avoid burnout, great ways to prioritize your health (even when the work piles up), and what habits can boost your creativity. We are so honored to have her join us, and we hope you'll glean as much knowledge from this episode of GameDay as we have!

Many of us in the KitBash3D community have followed Loish's work for over a decade, and, as evident by her 2M+ online followers, we’re not alone. As prolific as she has been, you might assume that she possesses some superhuman ability to generate art, but what was fascinating about having her on our show was learning about her professional dedication to self-care and her passion for sharing her knowledge with the world.

Self-care plays a central role both in Loish’s personal routine and her content. That’s one of the many reasons we love what she’s doing – encouraging other artists to dream big AND to take care of themselves. It’s something anyone striving to “achieve more” can employ. Loish practices what she preaches, and the results, well, they speak for themselves.

Loish artwork
“Warming up is not just about our hands, but also our minds. It’s so important to let go of perfectionism and allow ourselves to experiment and learn!” – Loish

About Loish

Lois van Baarle, better known as Loish, is a digital artist who makes digital paintings and character designs. She has worked on Horizon: Zero Dawn, character designs for LEGO, features for Procreate, and concept art for various clients and projects ranging from games and animation to toy designs. You can learn more at her website and follow her on ArtStation, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She also shares tips, tutorials, and behind-the-scenes of her art on Patreon

About GameDay

is a video series from KitBash3D featuring world-building demos and interviews with artists from projects like THE LAST OF US PART II, HALO, STAR WARS, AVATAR and many more. GameDay is hosted by KitBash3D founders Maxx & Banks and originally aired live in partnership with LightBox Expo.

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