KB3D Community Brings Cyber District to Life

KB3D Community Brings Cyber District to Life

We couldn't be more excited about Cyber District, our newest Kit and addition to the CyberPunk collection. This collection of assets brings you down to street level with rebellious cyberpunks on the edge of society. In this unsanctioned world, greasy eateries, augmentation stations, arcades, tattoo stalls, and shops selling everything from records to oxygen help you create augmented realities that dreams (and nightmares) are made of.

We're dying to see what kind of new stories and art will be made with Cyber District, so to get you primed we're sharing work from eight different artists and their perspectives of Cyber District starting with Cyber District Cover Artist, Genis (GSD Studio).

For the cover art, Genis observed every corner and detail of the assets to identify which ones would fit together most naturally within his predetermined concept. Coming from a Graphic Design background, Genis naturally gravitated toward 3D, and began experimenting with Blender to create incredible Sci-Fi art a year and a half ago. 

Artist: Brellias

Brellias' Cyber District artwork

Artist: Captvart

Artist: The Dizzy Viper

Artist: Jasim Albulushi

Artist: Hillywrld

Artist: Maldo

Artist: Marischa Becker

Artist: Rabbit Hole Renders

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