Sex, Drugs, and Hackers: Behind Cyber District's 3D Assets

Sex, Drugs, and Hackers: Behind Cyber District's 3D Assets

Cyber District is the newest addition to our CyberPunk Collection as it continues to deliver on the hi-tech and hard-edged 3D assets seen in CyberPunk and Cyber Streets. This Kit was inspired by stories of rebellious cyberpunks occupying the edges of post-industrial cities and making their way through a mixture of artifice and artificial intelligence. To learn more about the development of Cyber District's 3D assets, we talked to the members of our Kits team who brought it to life.

What's the story behind the Cyber District Kit?

"Cyberpunk worlds are always dominated by the giant corporations, but I think what we all love about the genre is the gritty streets that lie below them. This Kit is about that grit, telling the stories that happen in the shadows of these neon filled cities. In this Kit you'll find an eclectic mix of retro arcade games, oxygen filling stations, hacker dens and restaurants serving questionable meals. Enjoy!" - Maxx Burman, Co-Founder of KitBash3D

Cyber District 3D Assets

What was your favorite part about working on the Cyber District Kit, and why?

"Being able to include my childhood memories as inspirations for the design was really fun for me. I got to relive some of those experiences of playing in arcades, walking by the CRT service center, buying illegally cracked games from street vendors and just generally being a kid in the 90s sphere of technological influence. It was a world that was a little rough around the edges, but also full of infinite possibility, and I really tried to capture that in the designs." - Hebron PPG, Concept Artist

"Since this was my first official project as KitBash3D’s Vehicle Modeler, the best part for me was going through the whole process to create the "stock" Van that was turned into the mobile DJ booth. I particularly enjoyed working with Kits Team Lead, Mike Reese to understand the level of detail we wanted to bring to our vehicles and develop a new workflow for creating cars in Blender. Using a process that allows me to add detail non-destructively allows the feedback process to be more flexible, especially when shifting underlying shapes that have details cut into them." - Brandon Acree, Vehicle Modeler

"I had the best time designing for vending machines, game machines and various UI screens throughout this Kit.  All of the props add so much life and detail to the scenes, so I wanted to bring the same level of storytelling into the graphics. There’s tons of Easter eggs and nods to the Cyberpunk Kit, you can get Rick Rolled ascii style on an old CRT computer or buy Augmnt eyeballs from a biotech vending machine." - Emily Amick, Graphic Designer

"It's such an elaborate Kit with a blend of perspectives and influences from the genre. I love that the Kit is designed to call back to retro themes and perspectives of Cyberpunk through the past fifty years while also reflecting a new paradigm of the cyber-era where we've seen our reliance on technology grow." - Liosha Shyp, Cinematic Artist

"I enjoyed every aspect of working on this Kit but if I had to choose something that really stood out it would be working with both the modeling and texturing teams to find additional storytelling moments within the Kit. During the modeling and texturing phase reviews, both teams found little areas to make a bit more story-driven and detailed. Whether it was adding an additional vending machine model for bionic upgrades or making sure the pigeon textures felt like they were in a cyberpunk world. Look closely and you will see what I mean." - Mike Reese, Head of Kits

Is there anything you'd like to shout out about Cyber District?

"I’d love to shout out the amount of diligent work that went into this Kit. Hebron with the crazy storytelling in concepts, Sebastian with the insanely detailed modeling, Alexey with the absolute next level texturing on every tiny piece of this Kit and Brandon with the amazing cyber van." - Emily Amick, Graphic Designer

"Big shout-out to our modelers who worked on this Kit! There was A LOT to do and they absolutely crushed it. Our senior modeler Sebastian did a ton of work with creating some custom tools to more procedurally create all the piping, HVAC, and hanging wires. He was able to inject tons of stories and additional detail pretty quickly. Really impressive. Our vehicle modeler, Brandon, also helped do the main van model that later became a flying DJ booth! It was really great integrating him into our pipeline. I can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on it and see what they come up with." - Mike Reese, Head of Kits

"The Game Center is just one of many unique objects in this Kit, but it's one of my favorites. It's an amazing combination of retro manga and anime-style stylized cyberpunk environments mixed in with just a little modern technology that make it such a unique storytelling piece." - Liosha Shyp, Cinematics Artist

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