Top 7 Features in Cargo, a Free Software from KitBash3D

Top 7 Features in Cargo, a Free Software from KitBash3D

Today we released Cargo, a free software which will revolutionize the way you work with 3D assets. Cargo is available for Windows and works out of the box alongside 3D softwares like Blender, Unreal, 3ds Max, and Maya. Let’s unpack some of the top features in Cargo.

1-Click Import | Top Cargo Features by KitBash3D

1. 1-Click Import to Your 3D Software

Cargo connects directly to 3D softwares like Blender, Unreal Engine, Maya, and 3ds Max (with support for C4D, Unity, and Houdini coming soon), allowing you to load any asset in Cargo with 1-Click. Like magic, 1-Click Import drops the model or material directly into your 3D scene. Get what you need, when you need it.

The Full KitBash3D Library - Cargo Features by KitBash3d | KitBash3D Blog

2. The Full KitBash3D Library

Over 10,000 Models and Materials are available in Cargo right out of the box. Every Kit, every Model, every Material—ready to import into your scene. 

Powerful Search - Cargo Features by KitBash3d | KitBash3D Blog

3. Powerful Search

The search function in Cargo allows you to find exactly what you're looking for—quickly. Use common terms like “chair” and "gas can," or more specific queries like “modern skyscraper” and "cyberpunk buildings," and Cargo will serve you all of the assets that match your query.

Free Kit Transfers | Top Cargo Features by KitBash3D

4. Free Kit Transfers

All of the Kits you already own from KitBash3D are unlocked and ready to use when you set up your account. That means you no longer have to load in a full Kit to your scene, but select and import individual assets as you need them. 

Intuitive Filtering | Top Cargo Features by KitBash3D

5. Intuitive Filtering

Cargo offers an advanced filtering function, enabling you to efficiently organize and locate specific 3D assets. By utilizing keywords, genres, and asset sizes, Cargo’s filtering function streamlines your creative process, saving time and effort and ensuring you find exactly what you need to build your scene. 

Free 3D Models and Materials | Top Cargo Features by KitBash3D

6. Free 3D Models & Materials

Cargo comes with a wide variety of free 3D assets to use as soon as you complete your software setup, including assets from our most popular Kits like Outlaw, Cyber Streets, Shogun, and more. 

Vehicles and Interiors | Top Cargo Features by KitBash3D

7. Vehicles, Interiors, and More

Cargo Exclusives (available to Cargo Pro subscribers) are Kits that are built specifically for Cargo, and include access to pre-built interiors, scenes, and vehicles. 

Cargo is the next leap forward in 3D asset management, loaded with powerful features that enable artists to create faster and more seamlessly than ever before. Cargo is free to download—get started today!

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