Filmmaking in Unity with David Levy

Filmmaking in Unity with David Levy

STAR WARS Concept Artist Creates Short Film Demo

In this episode of GameDay, we combined the power of Unity’s Technical Team with the immensely talented concept designer and director David Levy, whose work includes Star Wars IX and TRON: Legacy and upcoming films like James Cameron’s Avatar sequels and DC Entertainment’s Black Adam. Together, David takes us on an epic ride bringing his script for “Scout One” to life, sharing his knowledge of design principles, and showing how they can be incorporated into Unity using KitBash3D assets. See the full interview and demonstration below:

Preparing for the live demo, Housein Cornell and his team at Unity, under David’s direction, took on the challenge of converting a concept by the legendary Sparth into 3D space using our Spaceships, Sci-Fi Industrial, and Heavy Metal asset kits. Meanwhile, David roughed out a series of hand drawn storyboards to bring images off the page of his script, and cast the great Jake Eberle (Assassin’s Creed, Batman: Arkham Origins) to play the voice of his lead character the astronaut Marcelo.  

From there, the Unity team and David got to work blocking out pre-viz in preparation for their live GameDay demo. Just days later, with the help of our editor Alex Shyp, they took the stage, unveiled the pre-viz for David’s “Scout One,” and took the piece as far as they could in Unity in one hour, live before our eyes. 

The goal of this demo was to show how quickly a talented director can iterate ideas and bring them to life using our kits and the power of Unity. It’s amazing to see what new worlds can flourish with just a tiny team, a wealth of creativity, and dash of ambition. We are incredibly grateful to have David join our show, and we can’t wait to see what magic he cooks up next!

About David Levy

David Levy

David Levy is a leading international concept artist. He studied industrial design and architecture in France and the Netherlands and currently works as a senior concept artist in the movie and video game industry. He is the creator of Pitch Dev Studios and directed the sci fi short film "PLUG" which garnered more than 5 million views across YouTube.

His other projects include: Assassin's Creed, Prince of Persia, TRON: Legacy, Prometheus, AVATAR 2/3/4/5, Spectral, Tomorrowland, STAR WARS IX, Ender's Game, BIOS, Black Adam, Black Panther 2, Suicide Squad 2, and Guardians Of the Galaxy 3.

You can learn more at his website, and follow his work on ArtStation, Instagram, and Twitter.

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