Ash Thorp: The Enigmatic Jack of all Trades

Ash Thorp: The Enigmatic Jack of all Trades

In this episode of the KitBash3d Festival, we were lucky enough to snag the wildly talented and enigmatic  director/designer/illustrator jack of all trades, Ash Thorp. While creating a scene with the Warzone kit, Thorp discusses his background in the industry, his inspirations as an artist, and the winding path he walks as a jack of all trades. 

Ash plays with our Warzone kit in Cinema 4D & Redshift and demonstrates how fast it is to work in 3D and compose multiple shots in his 3D scene.

Don't miss Ash discussing the use of VDB in his scene, which allows him to simulate clouds in 3D. 


As Ash would say "Stay humble. Stay curious" -- and you can do just that by checking out the full episode above!


Ash Thorp founded ALT Creative, Inc. where he offers a variety of assistance with project needs, ranging from creative direction, motion graphics, VFX, concept/digital art, photography, illustration, animation, through directorial services.  

He also hosts a podcast called "The Collective Podcast" that we recommend you check out here!

Ash Thorp's portfolio
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