Our Brooklyn 4.0 Kit is Available Now!

Our Brooklyn 4.0 Kit is Available Now!

'No Sleep Till Brooklyn!'

Grab your teddy bear, a slice of Junior's Cheesecake, and the strongest corner cup of Joe you can find, it's time to dig in with our latest kit featuring one of New York City's most iconic boroughs.

Download the Brooklyn 4.0 Kit today!

We're thrilled to introduce our brand new Brooklyn kit, which obviously features the titular city, but it definitely is not just for creating only Brooklyn! You can create any modern Western city across the globe with this kit’s residential buildings, impressive skyscrapers, and highly detailed city blocks. With red brick structures, wide towers, apartment complexes, city corners, and so much more, you’ll be able to portray modern cities with realistic and familiar detail!

Creating Brooklyn's Cover Art

We sat down with Pablo Dominguez, the artist behind our Brooklyn kit's cover art, to hear about his experience and process using Brooklyn. 

Dominguez: I started with rough compositions in 3D and quickly began playing with the lighting of the scene without any textures on. My main goal with the cover was to show off all the different buildings in the Brooklyn Kit by placing them in a very long classic New York street.

Dominguez: Once the KitBash3D team and I agreed with the composition and the lighting the work was very easy, particularly because the new 4.0 Kits have all the textures already there and very realistic.

Dominguez: I almost had nothing to do after my render, other than bringing it into Photoshop for paint-over, adding in some additional details to the scene, and dropping in a quick DMP for the buildings in the background.
I used several of the render's passes later on in Photoshop to help me increase the beauty and realism of the image.

Meet the Artist Behind the Cover

Pablo Dominguez is an acclaimed concept artist within the film, TV, and video game industries, whose works include Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Avengers: Endgame, Jurassic World 3, Amazon's Lord of the Rings, WandaVision, Captain Marvel, Game of Thrones, Morbius and more.

"I want to thank the KitBash3D team for providing me with this incredible kit and  the opportunity to create its cover art. As always, it was very fun and challenging to do this cover, and I hope everyone enjoys our lovely morning scene in Brooklyn!"

Dominguez has worked in-house and freelance for companies such as Industrial Light and Magic, MPC, Marvel Studios, Wushu Studios, Duncan Studio, El Ranchito VFX, Unite Image, and DreamWorksTV.

He currently serves as Senior Concept Artist for terraformstudios.com.

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