Speed KitBashing with ‘Outlaw’ and Unreal Engine 5

Speed KitBashing with ‘Outlaw’ and Unreal Engine 5

Our new Western-themed Outlaw Kit is available for all the top 3D software like Blender, Cinema 4D, and Maya, but there are few things as satisfying as seeing the Kit rendered in real-time with Unreal Engine 5. With native file support, the setup is quick and easy, and thanks to UE5’s Lumen technology, the Kit’s 3D models appear gloriously lit right away! Just take a look below - the process truly feels like designing your own video game world!

"Each object has its own character and you can easily make up your own story. The church is one of my favorites. This object will look atmospheric in any environment, and, depending on the props, you can easily change the story that happens around it." – Liosha Shyp, Cinematics Artist (KB3D)


After building the environment in the video above for Outlaw’s trailer, our Cinematics Artist Liosha Shyp also created these additional UE5 sample scenes in just a SINGLE day, proving how fast and powerful it is to leverage KitBash assets with Unreal Engine:

We hope these cinematics and scene breakdowns serve as inspiration for your creations! For more information on how our Kits work with Unreal Engine 5, be sure to check out our “Guide to Using KitBash3D Kits with UE5” help article, where we cover loading a Kit into UE4 & UE5, tips for utilizing UE5’s Nanite, and more! Happy KitBashing!

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