From AAA to Indie: A Quest for Creative Freedom

From AAA to Indie: A Quest for Creative Freedom

At the helm of Proxima Studio stands Harvey Newman, a visionary with over two decades of experience in the gaming industry. Newman's career in animation on iconic titles such as CrysisFable, and Battlefield has been driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation and a deep passion for storytelling. "After decades in the AAA space, I found myself yearning for the freedom to explore stories that were daring, diverse, and deeply personal," Newman shares.

The studio's first venture, Warship Jolly Roger, embodies this ethos perfectly. Inspired by the richly illustrated and narratively complex Warship Jolly Roger comic series, Newman saw an opportunity to bring a vibrant universe to life. "It was precisely the canvas I was searching for—a universe so rich and detailed it practically demanded to be explored in an interactive medium," he reflects.

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Warship Jolly Roger | Proxima Studio

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