Behind the Kit: Hong Kong

Behind the Kit: Hong Kong

This week, we released Hong Kong, the latest (and largest!) Kit in our Modern Cities collection. Hong Kong's collection of modular and pre-constructed city blocks make it easy for you to build your realistic and vibrant metropolis in a matter of minutes.

Inspired by one of the most densely populated modern cities in the world, our Hong Kong Kit includes towering skyscrapers, in-progress construction sites, hidden alleyways, graffiti-lined streetscapes, and more. Travel among society's elite in buildings above the clouds, or move among the millions of common city dwellers in noodle shops, tenement apartments, and back-alley basketball courts.

With a nearly limitless array of possible combinations to build your megalopolis, Hong Kong is a visual feast. Read on for our interview with the team of KitBash3D modelers, artists, and designers who developed the Kit. 

Hong Kong 3D Assets - KitBash3D

What's the story behind the Hong Kong Kit?

"Hong Kong is about stepping into a fast-paced and culturally rich world, where the clash of ancient traditions and modernity creates a rich tapestry of stories waiting to be told. This city is a symphony of steel and glass, with soaring skyscrapers jostling for space amidst narrow alleyways and crowded streets. From epic crime dramas to thrilling action-adventures, the city is ripe with countless tales of drama, intrigue, and heroism. We can’t wait to see what you’ll create with Hong Kong!" - Maxx Burman, Co-Founder of KitBash3D

What was your favorite part about working on Hong Kong and why?

“Figuring out how we would fit everything that goes into Hong Kong into one Kit! We wanted to ensure that the Kit felt like Hong Kong from multiple perspectives, whether at the skyline or ground level. That meant creating tons of buildings and tons of props. In the end, we really pushed ourselves and we broke a lot of records but it was all worth it.” - Mike Reese, Head of Kits

Hong Kong 3D Models - KitBash3D | City Overview

“It is always exciting to research a new culture, especially the architecture of buildings around the world. In this case it was amazing to learn about Hong Kong and study some of its buildings for the creation of materials to give them the mood that Hong Kong city has. Also it is another of the largest Kits we have and offers a wide variety of buildings to work with. From small buildings to corporate buildings.” - Gabs Herrera, Texture Artist

Hong Kong 3D Assets - KitBash3D | Skyscraper with Tennis Courts

“I always have a lot of fun trying to create textures from the real world. This is the most fun part of texturing our World Kits: Looking at the buildings while you walk on the street, taking pictures, browsing photos on the internet, inspecting buildings on Google Maps, and trying to recreate those textures.” - Anderson Araujo, Texture Artist

Hong Kong 3D Assets - KitBash3D

“Hong Kong was a challenging Kit to design for but my favorite part was creating all of the different store signage and the graffiti. I’ve always loved photography from the Mong Kok District with the endless sea of neon signs, so I’m very excited to see some late night, neon drenched alley renders with all of the amazing street side props the Kits team created.” - Emily Amick, Graphic Designer

Hong Kong 3D Assets - KitBash3D

"My favorite part about working on Hong Kong was the set dressing. Telling the story of Hong Kong was challenging, both in the technical and artistic sense. The buildings were very much on a spectrum. The large models are nice, pristine, luxurious, and well maintained. The medium models start to get where more people live there, so clutter and trash start to build up more, but the owners can still afford to clean up. The small models are where clutter was pumped to the max and I really tried to make it feel like the people in those buildings were focusing more on making ends meet than maintenance and decor.” - Joseph Sylvester, Modeler

Hong Kong 3D Models - KitBash3D | Street Level

“The conversations during the concept stage with Fabio were pretty fun. He would take me on a “tour” through the areas of Hong Kong he was grabbing inspiration from using google street view, and then we would analyze the architecture together and what made the buildings Hong Kong specific. Figuring out how to make this Kit happen from a technical standpoint was a challenge and it required constant communication and collaboration from all the team members to keep things moving forward. So being part of the team and helping with the trial and error to figure out the workflow was something I enjoyed a lot.” - Luis Tornel, Asset Supervisor

Hong Kong 3D Models - KitBash3D | Building Group

“My favorite part about Hong Kong was about working on the large structures! They had great designs with a huge number of floors and windows. It was cool and enjoyable!” - Mohammad Afshari, 3D Modeler

Hong Kong 3D Models - KitBash3D | Apartment Block

Do you have a favorite model from the Kit?

“The maintenance crane was a fun challenge. Figuring out how it functions and also planning ahead for the tracks was definitely engaging.”  - Joseph Sylvester, 3D Modeler

Hong Kong 3D Assets - KitBash3D | Apartment Building with Crane

“I think the skyscrapers are all gorgeous, and I'm really excited to see how people use those in their work!” - Lee Siassi, Texture Artist

Hong Kong 3D Assets - KitBash3D | Skyscraper

“The small and medium blocks are my favorite parts of the Kit because we have stories at ALL scales. We can zoom to an entry and have an interesting vignette.” - Luis Tornel, Asset Supervisor

Hong Kong 3D Assets - KitBash3D | Props

“I really love all the props in this Kit. Both Mohammad and Joe really stepped it up and made sure that we had the variety that is needed to make Hong Kong feel authentic. We have a whole construction site with a crane, food stands, hanging clothes, trash, street lights, and bikes. It has everything!” - Mike Reese, Head of Kits

Hong Kong 3D Assets - KitBash3D

“This Kit is massive so choosing a favorite is nearly impossible but there’s a storage block of buildings that’s just amazing - from the color story, to the building styles, to the street side props, to the rooftops and all the alleys in between. There’s so much story to be told packed in just one small block.” - Emily Amick, Graphic Designer

Is there anything about the Hong Kong Kit you'd like to highlight or shout out?

“I’d love to shout out the team for the group effort of getting this Kit ready. From concept to modeling to texturing to packaging - it was a huge undertaking and every piece was so well thought out and intentional from the skyscrapers to the specific traffic lights. The scale of the Kit is unlike any other so far but there was still so much attention to the small details. I can’t imagine how many secret spots are waiting to be found walking though this Kit.” - Emily Amick, Graphic Designer

Hong Kong 3D Assets - KitBash3D | Apartment Block Roof

“Big shout out for Fabio. The amazing concepts he created with the amazing color composition he put on his concepts helped a lot with the final look of the Kit.” - Anderson Araujo, Texture Artist

Hong Kong 3D Models - KitBash3D | Concept Art

“This time I would like to highlight the team of artists and the coordination we had as a team because we were many artists involved and we were able to maintain an incredible communication. I would also like to highlight the promotional video as it makes the Kit really stand out.” - Gabs Herrera, Texture Artist

“Honestly, shout out to the whole crew. Everyone was challenged in their own way for this Kit. Lienny Ruiz and Mario Gimenez for their excellent work on the structures. They really tackled the enormous challenge of constructing this Kit and handled it soundly! Shout out to Mohammad Afshari for his amazing props, they really helped to tell the story for Hong Kong. Lee, Gabs, and Anderson all made amazing textures! The graphic design really nailed it on the head and created awesome signage. Luis and Mike rocked it and were amazing managing and handling all the craziness and reigning it all in for an outstanding Kit!” - Joseph Sylvester, 3D Modeler

Hong Kong 3D Assets - KitBash3D

“Shout out to the graphic design work on this Kit! Emily did amazing with making a wide range of graphics that added a bunch of detail and life to the buildings, the props, everything. The graffiti in particular is super cool.” - Lee Siassi, Texture Artist

Hong Kong 3D Assets - KitBash3D | City View

“Everyone who worked on this Kit really deserves a huge shout-out. This was a HUGE lift all around. Fabio for his amazing concepts, Lienny and Mario for modeling over 80 individual buildings, Joe and Mohammad for the crazy amount of props and amazing set dressing, Lee, Anderson, and Gabs for texturing everything to perfection, and Emily for the stellar graphic design work that always brings everything together. This was a massive team effort and I bet our users will be able to build entire cities in minutes with all that we are providing.” - Mike Reese, Head of Kits

Hong Kong 3D Assets - KitBash3D | City Skyline

Pick up Hong Kong during launch week to save 50% (sale ends March 30th at 9am PT). Tag #KitBash3D on Instagram or ArtStation for the change to have your work with Hong Kong featured. Happy KitBashing! 

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